Paleo Antipasto Platter

Sometimes light snacking your way to satisfaction is way more fun than eating a whole big meal. Other cultures know this. Just look at the tapas of Spain, the meze platter of the Mediterranean, and Antipasti from Italy! Taking a cue from these culinary delights, I decided to compile my own yummy platter of paleo nourishment during our weekend up at the family cabin.


Our cabin is in the mountains of the Sequoia National Forest. It’s pretty fantastic because it has running water, a shower, and a refrigerator but it does not have any electricity or cell service. You get the best of modern advances and none of the distracting, disrupting advances like unnatural light and constant connectivity.

This platter was a great option for a midday meal because you can eat more or less based on your activity level (hiking or laying around all day… ) and there’s something for everyone! (Add cheese if you’re #primal)

Paleo Antipasto Platter

Paleo Antipasto Platter 

Marinated Olives
Macadamia Nuts
Sliced Figs
Sliced Cucumbers, Peppers, Carrots, etc.

(feel free to mix it up with your favorite cured meats, marinated vegetables like artichokes or garlic-stuffed olives, roasted or raw nuts, etc.)


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  1. Dorothy Whitlock says:

    how are salami and prosciutto Paleo, please?

    1. nikkiledford says:

      Salting and curing are actually some of the original methods that humans utilized to preserve animal products. Prosciutto is just pork and salt. Look
      For good quality salamis that do not contain nitrates or nitrites. Usually it’s a combination of meat and sometimes a spice like pepper or fennel seeds…

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