Olive Oil Mayonnaise


2012/03/28 by nikkiledford

Yesterday I got a chance to make my first homemade mayonnaise. I’ve always wanted to do this because conventional mayonnaise it LOADED with Omega 6 fats in the form of canola or soybean oil.

So much better than the “best”

In this version I chose a healthier oil, olive, and an Omega 3 egg.

Olive Oil Mayonnaise

2 egg yolk
2 c. olive oil
sea salt to taste
1 1/2 Tbsp. lemon juice
1 Tbsp. spicy mustard


  1. Whip egg in a bowl.
  2. THE SLOW WAY: Slowly, while whisking egg, add in olive oil in a steady stream. Mayo will thicken.
  3. Then add in additional ingredients to taste.


  1. Add all ingredients in a tall cylindrical container (like a big, wide-mouth mason jar or liquid measuring cup.
  2. Using an immersion (hand) blender. Place the blender attachment at the bottom of the container and hold down the blend button for 30 secs or so. Slowly raising it up as the mayo thickens at the bottom.
  3. You’ll want to raise it up really slowly only to incorporate the rest of the oil sitting at the top.


Need something to eat with your new batch of mayonnaise?

Try:  Almond Beef Bites and Curried Tuna in a Jar or Honeycrisp AppleTuna Salad


11 thoughts on “Olive Oil Mayonnaise

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GF sourdough open faced breakfast sandwich and bone broth with all the immune boosting goodies. #goodonya #northcountysd #needonedowntown PREPARATION// One thing I never regret;
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1. It's generally cheaper.
2. It tastes way better.
3. Easy to do in a vitamix or food processor. Just have patience because you're not making a smoothie, you're grinding nuts until they release their oils and smooth out.
Need another reason to make your own? 
4. Customization
This batch had a touch of vanilla and cinnamon and I can easily control the amount of saltiness.
You guyyyyysssss. It's so good and easy. Be like Nike and #justdoit

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