Links I Love 4.0

To kick off this week’s link post, I have a great quote from the charming mind of a celebrity fave:

 “Expectation is the mother of all frustration.” – Antonio Banderas

Wisdom from Puss in Boots, himself.
Links to Love!!
Mark’s Daily Apple. This guy is always busting out the goods…

“The fact is, our basic needs are simpler than we often think. Our other, more nuanced needs, are more essential than we often think.”

Gabby Reece has some practical words for goal setting:

 “I try to create an environment that creates success; the right foods in the house, people around me who are on the same page. It isn’t about feeling like you can’t do it. It’s about creating a winning environment.”

Speaking of goals. Here are a couple of links speaking to the people (read: ME) who are planners to a fault.
New York Times explains why we shouldn’t diet. It’s science, people.

“Many diets also require constant calculations to determine calorie counts. All this clogs up the brain. Psychologists measure the impact of this clogging on various tasks: logical and spatial reasoning, self-control, problem solving, and absorption and retention of new information. Together these tasks measure “bandwidth,” the resource that underlies all higher-order mental activity. Inevitably, dieters do worse than nondieters on all these tasks; they have less bandwidth.”

And if you need more of a reason to shelf the restriction mindset… here’s a great post about “being human” One that I can definitely relate to since I work in the Health and Wellness sphere. Many times, us “healthy” people get caught up in the idea that in order to have a legit message, we have to be 100% perfect ALL THE TIME. What if they see me eat this chocolate bar? What if they find out I had 3 glasses of wine instead of one?! What if they know that sometimes I skip the chaturangas?! To that I reply… “Guess what? I’m Human!”

“…with each judging gaze of my blinded by light and bliss eyes, deep down inside I wished I, too, could just take off my crystals and that itchy hemp shirt and just wear my Walmart shorts and eat a Nestle ice cream and be okay with that, too.”

Mind, Body, Green got me thinking about how I want to raise my kids and what kinds of messages I should be sending them around health and eating.

“Eating the right foods for your body certainly helps, but weight management is about more than food. All of my clients whose primary goal is weight loss begin to lose weight only when they focus less on food and more on living a happier life.”


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