Upgrade Your Salad


Sometimes it just takes a little creativity to move your salad from lame to luscious.

Today’s quick tip involves fancifying your run of the mill tomato/cucumber/lettuce/chicken salad.

The problem.

Cobb Salads. Universally loved because of all the components especially the BACON! (Duh) But let’s be honest, a Cobb Salad usually turns into a game of “find the bacon”. This saddens me. So let’s explore the multitude of options that will take this beautiful dish to a new level of yummy.

The solution.

Today I subbed the chopped chicken for some fresh caught and pan fried halibut. And a soft-poached egg stood in place of the oft lamented hard boiled egg.

Other variations include :
– Making a avocado based dressing.
– Adding candied almonds or walnuts.
– Shaving some organic Parmesan cheese on top (primal!)
– Grilled steak.
– Pancetta or prosciutto instead of bacon.
– Marinated and sundried tomatoes.

Go make your own!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Merl Ledford says:

    My night to make dinner: thanks for the great, v. special salad idea! It’ll give my gal-buddy a lift to have something really special when she gets home.

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