Pregnancy Week 38: Hospital Bag!

Maternity 1

As I get closer and closer to my “guess date”, I’ve become increasingly aware of the location of my hospital bag. This bag was dutifully packed many weeks ago thanks to the prodding of my mom who felt strongly that I should be prepared in case baby boy decided to show up (5 weeks) early. (Love you Mom!)

Here’s a peek into my hospital bag and some of the products I’ll be bringing. The key word being “bringing” since I’m pretty sure I will have a different story about what I actually end up using once Atlas is on the other side of the womb.

  1. Snacks

labor snacks

It was made clear to me that it’s important to fuel labor as you never know how long or exhausting it will be. Additionally, since I’m hoping to have a natural birth in our local birth center, I’m encouraged to eat regularly which is sometimes frowned upon or even forbidden in the labor and delivery units of most hospitals.

Lara Bars. I would’ve made my own, but the convenience of a package was too alluring. And let’s be honest…  If I made my own, I would have eaten them by now. I decided to have a “chocolatey” option and a “citrus” option because I have no idea what kind of appetite or taste preference I will possess during that time. The dried mango is a great source of quick and stable carbohydrate energy. My husband loves them too which is good because he may want something to eat during the birthing shenanigans (ya think?!).

Not pictured are the Perfect Bars in my freezer which contain a bit more protein as they are peanut-based. Another recommendation made to me was to purchase some honey sticks as a quick and easily digestible source of energy! There’s also a case of electrolyte water chilling in the fridge for hydration (SUPER IMPORTANT).

2. Ambiance

birth prep

I found these flame-less candles at Home Depot during a home improvement outing. It cost two dollars for all four! Not sure I’ll use them, but in my “normal” life I’m kind of a “lighting-nazi”. I’m always running around turning off overhead lights, blue lights, or fluorescent lights in favor of table lamps and dimmer switches. I have to have relaxing lighting.

Good smells will provided by my favorite combo: Rosemary and Mint essential oil. I’m bringing the jasmine oil in the event that I don’t like my first choice or need something stronger to cover up any “clinical” smells. Also included is my trusty eye mask for some shut-eye (yea, yea… if I’m lucky).

3. Mama Wear

Birth Bag

Nursing Pads. Check.

Nursing Bra. Check.

Cute Robe (for after delivery… obvi.) Check.

I’ve also packed some other typical things like socks and big comfy underwear and loose-fitting things to go over the big underwear. (it’s supposed to be big right? I’ve heard rumors of ice packs and diaper-sized maxi pads… )

4. Baby Gear

Hospital Bag

Welp… I’m going in without a baby but I should be returning home with a lil’ guy, so I thought it would be prudent to bring something to dress, diaper, and soothe him.

Again, per other people’s suggestions I have a stack of plain white organic Gerber onsies, a cute mustache-y take home outfit, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, a swaddle, and some cute lil socks. The organic onsie seems like over-kill but I imagine my mama-bear instincts will be on high alert and I will fear the potential harm of pesticides in his clothing upon his entrance to this cruel and toxic world. Soo… organic it is.

5. Other things.

A cooler for my placenta…

Now don’t expect any after-birth recipes coming to The Clean Plate. I’m not THAT hardcore. I will, however, be sending it off to be dried and encapsulated. This decision was made out of a desire to support my physical recovery, milk supply, and emotional health postpartum.

A car seat, because it’s required by law. Does this count as good parenting points? I want to start off on in the winning column. (I know, I know… overachiever).

Next week I will hopefully have a baby in my arms, but keep a lookout for my 39 Week Pregnancy post as it will be a reveal of his nursery…

Here’s a little sneak peek of how it’s turned out!



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