My Morning Routine

Good Morning readers!

Just wanting to share a little bit about how I do mornings. I am an absolute crazy morning loving person! I live for the early hours of the day and I feel like I get more done before noon than I could ever accomplish after noon. Kind of sad, but true.

I usually work mid morning so my daily routine consists of the following things:

1. Yoga: Either right when I wake up (6 am)or a couple of hours after. Depends on my mood and how my body feels. I usually practice from 20 mins to an hour through an online yoga studio called YogaGlo. It’s an LA studio that posts classes online! And its only 18 bucks a month! Try finding that kind of deal at any yoga studio …

2. Run or Walk: This also depends on how much time I have (runs are faster… duh) and if I’m working out at CrossFit. I love walking to the store and just around my neighborhood, it’s relaxing and invigorating to be outside.

3. Journaling: I always do this, pretty much without fail. I get my cup of coffee with coconut cream (not store-bought coconut creamer mind you, I mean, the good stuff!) I read and write my thoughts about what I read, thoughts about my day or how I feel about events in my life. I make TO DO lists. This exercise helps me understand myself and get all my thoughts out of my head for a bit. It’s therapy. Plus, coffee is delicious.

4. Lemon water: Before diving into the coffee, I drink lemon water. It’s help alkalinize the body first thing in the morning while my stomach is empty, it gets the digestive system on track for the day, it’s also hydrating after 8 hours (or maybe 6 )of sleep.

5. Kombucha: A new addition to my morning. After lemon water, after coffee, it’s Kombucha time. I’d really like to learn to make my own cause it’s wayyyyyy cheaper. But my local grocer has had it on sale lately so I’ve given it a try. I used to take a probiotic every morning but I wasn’t having much success with it. That’s when I decided I needed to add some fermented foods into my daily routine. They are more reliable than the supplement version and I also have learned to like the taste (first time I had it, i thought it tasted like salad dressing).



So there you go. My morning. Off to work now!


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