Chocolate Chia Pudding

Sometimes I get requests for recipes that I wouldn’t typically make for myself. Chia pudding is one of those things. I realize that chia is widely considered a “superfood” and hailed as an excellent source of healthy fats and energy. BUT… If you know anything about my nutritional journey, you know that I have some digestive issues….

Gut Repair Week 4

  I’m now approaching the 1 month mark of my 3 month Repairvite journey. That’s crazy. I never thought I would be able to go 4 weeks without nuts, seeds, and eggs.  They were such a regular part of my life that it was difficult to imagine my meals with out them. FOOD I’ve kind…

The Clean Slate Day 14 and a Story

I can always tell when I burn myself at work because when I get into a hot yoga studio, the burn will sting. Don’t ask me why I don’t notice while I’m cooking. I don’t know. Update on my digestion (aren’t you excited?!?!) It’s been doing okay… not perfect. I’m pretty convinced that apples and…

The Clean Slate Day 5

Saturdays are when I usually light up my kitchen with the preparation of weekly meals. Today I made some medium-boiled eggs, Rosemary and Apple Salmon Salad (recipe will be posted soon!), Coconut Green Curry Soup, grilled sausages, romesco sauce, steamed butternut squash, and salsa beef. I also (finally) made a Facebook page for my blog….