Getting Started

The Clean Plate Philosophy on Healthy Living

The Food Basics

Eat Daily:

Quality Meat

Ruminants (Grass-fed, Free-Range, Organic)
Fish (Wild Caught, Sustainable)
Fowl (Free-Range, Pastured)
Seafood (Sustainable)
Eggs (Omega 3, Free-Range, Organic, Pasture-Raised)

Fruits and Vegetables

ORGANIC (especially leafy vegetables, berries, apples, celery, and bell peppers)
Roots (Beets, rutabaga, turnips, parsnips)
Tubers (yams, sweet potatoes, potatoes, cassava)
Bulbs (onions, garlic)
Herbs and Spices


Animal Fats (rendered fat from grass-fed, organic animals)
Coconut Oil
Organic Red Palm Oil
Avocados and Avocado Oil
Olives and Olive Oil
Fruit (berries are best, but make sure they are ORGANIC)

Eliminate and Reintroduce to Determine Sensitivity:

Cereal grains and Psuedocereals: wheat, barley, rye, oats, triticale, corn, rice, sorghum, millet, fonio, teff, amaranth, breadnut, buckwheat, and quinoa.  All legumes (beans, peas), including peanuts.

Eliminate Completely:

Vegetable Oils and man-made fats.

Other Health Supportive Foods to Consider:

Beneficial Bacteria from fermented foods or probiotics.
Organ meats. 

Benefits to removing processed or nutrient-poor foods

You will meet your nutritional needs.

The truth is, your body does not NEED grains, legumes, sugar, or dairy to survive and sometimes these foods can cause a negative immune response. These foods are a relatively recent addition to the human diet. Remove them for a season and reintroduce to determine any sensitivities. Focus more on high quality animals, vegetables, and fruits.

You will feel satiated and sustained for more than 3 hours

No need to eat 6 small meals a day. Nutrient-dense foods curb hunger for longer. It is unlikely that you will feel a need to “snack”.  You will find yourself fuller for longer without the energy highs and lows that come from eating carbohydrate heavy foods that increase your insulin resistance and encourage consuming more than you need.

You can focus on body composition instead of the scale or a “plan”

Oftentimes, dieting is a neurotic balance of calories in vs. calories out, burning calories, weighing your food, and other time-consuming and monotonous tasks. First of all, get yourself a copy of Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes. Secondly, by eating the way nature intended you are no longer bound to the weighing and measuring or the calorie counting. It is difficult to overeat meat, fat, and vegetables.

The Lifestyle

Lift Some Things

Lifting weight is beneficial for a variety of reasons. It encourages your body to use your fuel more efficiently, it helps boost your metabolic rate, and it increases bone density.

Move a Bit

Go for walks, hikes, swims, bike rides. Do some low level activity each day for a while. It’ll reduce stress and if you do it often enough (a walk on a lunch break, walk after dinner, bike ride on the weekends, or an hour or two hike on a day off.) you are likely to maintain a healthy weight and manage stress. Remember that more does not always equal better. Engaging in long duration cardio workouts cause a stress response in your body as do intense metabolic workouts. If your life is already rich with stress, these activities may not be a good choice for overall health.

Adequate Sunlight 

Traditional sunscreens are full of chemicals and block vitamin D from the sun. Buy some coconut oil and put that on your skin.A better strategy for healthy sun exposure is to go outside and get sun on most of your body for 10-20 mins a day and build up a base tan. Then, use something like coconut oil, cocoa butter, or shea butter for longer periods in the sun once you have a good base tan. Sun exposure has positive effects on hormone balance and mood, sexual function, energy, vitamin assimilation, cognitive function, as well as bone and dental health. Be careful to not burn yourself because that also has negative consequences for your health. If you are in the sun (and/or water or snow) for prolonged periods of time, there are some great natural zinc-based sunscreens that don’t contain harmful chemicals.

Quality Sleep

Try to get roughly 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep in a dark, quiet room. This will allow your body to adequately recover from the day’s stress. During sleep, you will excrete hormones meant to repair and restore many functions in the body.

Stress Less

This will severely impair health and sabotage performance and body composition goals. Stress is the number one instigator of disease and inflammation in the human body. It also will destroy your quality of life. Stress sucks. Find ways to de-stress that work for you and your lifestyle. For some that means cleaning, organizing, surfing, meditating, reading, cooking, praying, hanging out with friends, or playing with some puppies. We are all different so find YOUR happy place.




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