Pregnancy Week 35/36: My Go-To’s


There’s a fair amount of needs, cravings, wants, and comforts that arise during a transitional time like pregnancy. This post, I’ve compiled a list of things that have helped me through the weeks and months of growth and change. They range from the silly to the sentimental, medical to holistic, simple to luxurious. Either way, it’s stuff that I absolutely appreciated more while pregnant than at any other time of my life. Even if you aren’t with child, some of these ideas may be just what you’re needing lately…

    • Kerrygold Butter

Butter? Yes. Butter. Especially the Kerrygold brand which makes good on it’s branding by tasting like actual gold on any food to which you may wish to apply it’s yellow goodness. I am a lot more lenient about my dairy consumption during pregnancy because it doesn’t make my skin breakout so I make like Oprah and give that stuff away to all my foods. Butter for YOU, Butter for YOU, butter for EVERYBODY.

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    • The Pregnant Athlete Training Program

During Atlas’ pregnancy, I stayed active by walking daily, practicing yoga 3-4 times a week, and making up little weight circuits at home. This time pregnant, I was coming off of a couple of years with more consistent strength training in a Crossfit gym. With Eden, I knew that I wanted to keep lifting the barbell and utilizing my access to gym as long as possible, but also as safely and intelligently as possible. That’s why I gifted myself Brianna and Heather’s program. They are the experts at pregnancy fitness, not me. And while I do have some background and training in helping pregnant and postpartum athletes, I didn’t feel like making up my own personal programming. Motivation was hard to come by without also adding the feeling of “Well, what should I do today?” to my mental clutter.

This programming was great because it broke down my training according the the weeks of my pregnancy and made it easy to push myself hard on days where I felt capable while ease up on the days when I was just needing to move around. I highly recommend it.

    • Lululemon Align Pant

God bless Lululemon for these high-waisted, lightweight strips of fabric. I owned a few pair pre-pregnancy, but they have stuck out this ride till the end. They are the most comfortable and versatile active pant for this growing season. I also appreciate the lightweight material living in San Diego where winters can have warmer days. I will say that they aren’t the BEST at hiding cellulite, but I gave up giving any shits about that nonsense a long time ago — And you should to. I believe the statistic is that around 80% of women have cellulite some where on their person. Let’s just say you’re not alone, it’s normal, and there’s no room for body shame when you’re building a human from scratch with your own body. End rant.



    • Vuori Performance Jogger and Hoodie

If you’re interested in more activewear that has the most comfortable fabric on Earth, Vuori is your brand. I love Vuori. I’ve been purchasing their stuff for a long, long time as they are a local brand with a flagship store in North County, San Diego. Their performance jogger and hoodie for women are two of my favorite things. The hoodie is a perfect weight for mild weather and it’s been super flattering on the growing belly.

    • Comrad Compression Socks

Speaking of symptoms, I have the most unfortunate genetic luck of rampant spider and varicose veins on my legs… from ankle to pelvis. I finally broke down and sprung for some compression wear. Luckily for me, the world of compression gear has gotten remarkably cuter in recent days. Enter Comrad, compression socks with style. I don’t know if they are helping but it feels great to finally have something to help with one of my least favorite things about pregnancy.


    • Girl Dates

Last year, I made it a priority to spend time with friends without our kids hanging around.

Why? Aren’t play dates fun?

Eh. They’re important but they are also stressful because my attention is always half (or more) occupied with making sure my toddler doesn’t destroy himself or other people, that kids are sharing, learning to be kind, and generally behaving well with the challenging dynamics of being around other little people. For this enneagram 5 and one who is generally averse to chaos, the play date environment isn’t super conducive for me to connect deeply with others. So I intentionally set out to meet with my friends regularly without the distraction of parenting. It’s not the easiest thing; organizing busy schedules well in advance, coordinating with my husband to watch atlas or paying babysitters to watch him when Geoff was out of town. It takes some sacrifice and a lot of commitment. In spite of all that, this is hands down, one of the best choices I made for my mental health. I’m entering this next season of my life feeling surrounded and loved deeply by so many wonderful women and I also feel like I have the opportunity to care and support them through the seasons they are enduring as well.

    • Four Sigmatic Coffee and Hot Cocoa Packets

Coffee is a tricky subject during pregnancy. In the first trimester, most women are pretty averse to a cup of joe. As the weeks roll on, it may sound more enticing but you also don’t want to overdo the caffeine intake. For me, my anxious tendencies tend to ramp up with little sleep and too much caffeine. I’m pretty careful about just having one or two cups in the am and THAT’S ALL OR YOU’LL BE SORRY NIKKI. Four Sigmatic’s coffee and hot cocoa mushroom blends have been a fantastic alternative to a fully caffeinated cup of coffee. The hot cocoa is great for when coffee is just not a good choice and the coffee blends are a much more mellow hit of caffeine than the typical brewed cup. I’ve been keeping a stash in my purse, backpack, and pantry at all times and all I can say thank God for single use packets.


    • Chocolate Chip Cookies

Based on the content of this blog, I think most people would gather that I’m a pretty healthy eater. Even during pregnancy, I wouldn’t say that I go “off the rails” or “eat for two” too often. But Lord knows I’ve been enjoying some gluten-free pizza, buckwheat pancakes, and a helluva lot of chocolate chip cookies these days. I’ve given up trying to moderate my consumption week in and week out. They are what I’m wanting and that’s perfectly fine with me. Here’s a list of my favorite recipes:

Turmeric Chocolate Chip Cookies

Motherlode Cookies

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies with Cassava Flour

    • Squatty Potty

Unfortunately, pregnancy and constipation are like two peas in a pod. The squatty potty is a miracle product that makes one of the most difficult and irritating symptoms less difficult and irritating. Even if you’re not with child, I would recommend getting one for your bathroom. They are not bulky or costly and help align your elimination posture for better digestive health.


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