Holiday Gifts for the Health Nut

In keeping with the gift guide theme, today I’m sharing a handful of my favorite health-nut products. You know those people in your life who are always looking for the next thing to take their wellness to the next level? These products are for them! Remember to check their websites or Instagram pages for Black Friday Weekend deals!


Four Sigmatic

These little packets of morning (or evening) goodness have saved me when I’m short on time at home or don’t want to pay high prices at the coffee shop. Their coffee mixes include an adequate amount of caffeine without the harsh buzz or acidity, and the mushroom boost elevates my sense of wellbeing in the am. I also love their Reishi Hot Cocoa for a bedtime sweet tooth alternative. These would be fantastic stocking stuffers.


Vital Proteins

You can’t go anywhere these days without hearing about the benefits of dietary collagen and if you’re not one to brew up some bone broth on the regular, Vital Proteins has a plethora of collagen products to get you what you need. I usually just purchase the plain unflavored collagen peptides because they are versatile and can be used in lots of recipes and drinks. They do have lots of flavored options for drink mixes, coffee creamers, and protein powders if you’re into the specific stuff. The canisters are easily to find in Whole Foods, on amazon, or even your local Costco store.


Nuun Tabs

The Immunity tablets are always in my bag or pantry. I take them when I feel like my immune system needs a little help or if I’m traveling and don’t always want to be drinking straight water. Nuun also has tablets for hydration and vitamin supplementation.



For the person who needs help taking their daily essentials, Puori has individual packets of Omega 3, Vitamin D, and Magnesium. Most people don’t get enough of any of these nutrients. They are easy to travel with, don’t give you fish burps, and make new daily wellness habits pretty convenient. They come in a 30 day pack, so your gift recipient will be getting a jump start on their New Year healthy goals, thanks to you!



This is, hands down, my number one go-to for skin care. The ingredients are flawless, the price point is a value, and I feel like their products make an actual difference in the condition of my skin. My must-haves are the Matcha Stick (I use it under my eyes), Chia Seed Oil, and the Grape Seed Caviar Facial Serum.


Ursa Major

I’m a new fan of this brand. It’s pricey, but the scent of their deodorant is the best I’ve found. It is a natural deodorant, so depending on how I’m smelling, I may need to reapply during the day, but natural deodorant aficionados are no strangers to the reapply.


Primally Pure

My personal favorite is the Everything Spray. I use it as a toner, but it’s also just a wonderful refreshing scent. I’ll even use it under my arms after I shower in the evening and I love the clean smell I’ll have going to sleep.


Squatty Potty

Who doesn’t love a good bathroom gift. Especially one that keeps you regular and encourages healthy positioning for bowel movements. There’s a plastic one, but I’d spring for the bamboo one as the classier gift option.


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