Pecan Pie Bites

I’m currently in week 18 of my pregnancy and Day 4 of a Whole30. Whole30 during pregnancy?! I must be crazy.

Actually, since I’ve slid into my second trimester, I’ve found myself wanting to feel more inspired with my meal prep and less bogged down by all the foods I’ve been indulging but have been leaving me feeling less than great.

First trimester is such a rollercoaster; lots of feelings, symptoms, and allowances made just to get through the hard days. Let’s just say it’s not really the time to optimize anything. Pure survival is a win. So I’d find myself enjoying pizza or cookies more often than usual and sprawled out on the couch napping or cycling through episodes of Dawson’s Creek. Going for a walk required a lot more effort than I remembered. All that to say, I’m feeling better which means I want to treat myself better.

The structure set forth by the folks at Whole30 has always been a reliable guide for me when I feel like I’ve been “overdoing” it. And let’s be clear; there’s zero guilt, shame, or punishment tied to that statement.

One of my favorite things about the Whole30  is that it forces me back into the kitchen doing solid meal prep and getting intentional with my meals. Gone are the days of phoning it in with some gluten free pasta and sauce. I have to PLAN AHEAD and ultimately I end up feeling energized, more creative, and better nourished.

For those who have never attempted the 30 day challenge, there’s never been a better time. Options abound for the Whole30er amidst the aisles of the grocery store. Lots of compliant snacks, sauces, and beverages ready to consume for those needing convenience and options.

One of my favorite compliant snacks is Lara Bars. One of the first “real food” bars available on the market, Lara Bars have frequently saved this paleo-eater over the last 10 years. They are a fantastic stand-in for dessert, a handy and non-perishable snack while traveling, or midnight nourishment for the nursing mother (might be speaking from experience).

My favorite Lara Bar is Pecan Pie so I got to work this afternoon making a quick copycat. Its flavors are reminiscent of the fall season which will be upon us in mere days. Enjoy this healthy snack and share with your friends (or don’t, your call).


Pecan Pie Bites

1c. pecans
1 c. coconut
10 medjool dates
Pinch of cinnamon
Pinch of sea salt

Blend all in the food processor!

note: I process the nuts and coconut before adding the dates to get more of a uniform texture rather than a chunky bite.


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