What’s in My Grocery Basket: Costco

Who doesn’t like a good run-down of other people’s grocery staples? I know I sure do.

Bur seriously, have you ever looked into other people’s baskets to see what they’re buying? I have. It’s like people watching, but more interesting in my opinion.

Sometimes I wonder if people look in my basket and think I’m nuts. I have produce, meat, some toilet paper, you know the regular stuff. Then I have things like bulk butter, giant containers of dates, bacon, and a couple of jars of mayo. I’m sure it turns a few heads.

Here’s a little peek into my basket at Costco Wholesale. They have some killer deals on some of my favorite foods. If money were no object, I would prefer to support smaller businesses in my area, but for some of these items you just can’t beat the value of the wholesale price.

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Organic Sweet Red Cherries – A great “anytime” snack, especially on HOT summer/fall days in Southern California.

Kerrygold Butter – My husband likes the butter and I make a big jar of ghee out of the other 2 bars.


Ground Beef or Ground Beef Patties – Another great deal for stuff we use all the time. They keep in the freezer until I need them!

Aidell’s Chicken Apple Sausage – my go-to protein source for breakfast/lunch/dinner if I’m completely unprepared.

Wild Planet Albacore Tuna – Another great value for a great product. This ocean-friendly brand cans some great tuna fish! I feel good about this ethical purchase.

Kirkland Organic Coconut Oil – I know that I’ll ALWAYS use coconut oil for something so I might as well get the barrel and refill my smaller kitchen jar when needed.


Chosen Avocado Mayo – I have my own recipes for homemade mayo, but sometimes it’s nice to pull out a good jar of trusty mayo. No DIY needed (plus, I won’t drain my Avo oil or Olive Oil supply in the process).


Kirkland Raw Almonds – I make my own almond milk every few days so this steal is a MUST HAVE for me. Nuts can be very expensive, but ultimately this makes it cheaper for me to DIY my milk than buy the cartons that have nasty extras in them (or buy the mega expensive clean brands).





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