Whole 30 Wrap Up: Week 2

Hey friends!

This Whole 30 is going swimmingly so far. One snafu though, I happened to see a dip in my milk production during the first week so I stepped up my carb intake during week 2. More food?… I ain’t complaining.

Like I said in my last “wrap up“, I didn’t embark on this Whole 30 in an effort to diet or lose baby weight. It’s simply an effective strategy to encourage myself to reach for real, whole foods instead of an easy yogurt bowl, protein bar, or other random health food product. Not that there’s anything wrong with said products, but I had become aware of my tendency to rely on them instead of meals consisting of colorful vegetables and whole animal proteins.

Here’s a look into how I added more carbohydrates into my meals this week.

Whole 30 Breakfast

Potatoes! Yum Yum. I’ve been roasting big batches of potatoes and sweet potatoes so they are ready to eat at any time. For this breakfast I took some roasted potato and fried the slices in some coconut oil for a yummy crunch with my eggs and ham.

Sweet Potato Porridge

With the sweet potatoes, I whipped up this easy porridge and topped it with some grain-free granola. Other toppings include chopped fruit and nut butter!

Whole 30 Approved

My secret weapon for breastfeeding is this bowl. Chock full of tasty whole food bars for a quick and easy calorie boost during the day. My favorite Lara Bar is Pecan Pie and my favorite Rx Bar is Coconut Chocolate.

Whole 30 Bowl

To make whole food meals easy, I’ve been roasting veggies along with my potatoes. These bowls are a LIFESAVER. They’re delicious and colorful which means I’m excited to eat them! I also had a ton of Orange Beet Hummus leftover from recipe testing which made this meal even more irresistible.

Other healthy ways to carbo load:

Sweet Potato Pasta

Spiced Potato Medley

Persimmon and Pecan Breakfast Cereal




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