A Day of Whole 30

I’m in the midst of a Whole 30, which as I explained in my last post, is a 30 day diet intervention designed to re-acclimate the body to real, whole, and nutritious foods. No sugar (added or otherwise), dairy, legumes, grains, or alcohol is allowed. I was recently asked how I manage to adhere to this plan while breastfeeding and caring for a 10 week old newborn so I thought I’d show a snapshot of what goes in my belly these days.

Upon waking

I usually need something – ANYTHING – to eat first thing in the morning. This morning I chose this sexy banana and a pecan pie Lara Bar – one of my favorites. It’s really easy to make lara bars at home, but it’s harder for me to get around to it these days. But if you want to see how, look here, here, here, and here.

7:30 am

Not long after, I needed some protein! This morning I was a nice wifey and made my husband some breakfast before he left for work so I added in some extra eggs so I could eat too.

10 am

After walking the dog and feeding the babe, I whipped up a coffee smoothie cause it was #nationalcoffeeday. This delicious blend was banana, chameleon cold brew, steamed (and cooled) sweet potato, ice, collagen, cocoa powder, and almond milk.

12 pm

Don’t judge me, but I love slicing my apples into flat discs. I feel like they’re easier to dip. Kind of like a chip… whatever, I’m weird. Apples and Almond Butter (on sale at whole foods!) a classic combo.

1:30 pm

While prepping food for clients, I threw together a tasty plate of roasted veggies and grilled chicken thigh. Topped with my epic homemade mayonnaise.


Also on sale at Whole Foods, GINGERADE! The cold drinks were on heavy rotation today because Southern California likes to have some more summer after summer.

4 pm 

I have to limit myself to ONE La Croix a day because they make me dehydrated (what the WHAT?… yes, it’s true. This water makes me dehydrated). Rx Bars are also a staple for this breastfeeding, Whole 30 mama.

7 pm

I had a busy night visiting friends at the Padres game with Atlas and then home for a quick pass off to our epic babysitter so I could go to a book club meeting (omg… I’m totally a mom.) No time for actual meals so another Rx Bar, some smoked salmon, an apple, and a Chomps beef stick (not pictured) were my dinner.


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