Pregnancy Week 37: The Final Weeks


2016/07/01 by nikkiledford

37 weeks pregnant

Here’s a few updates about how the pregnancy is going!


The past 6 weeks have been filled with lots of packing, moving, and projects. My yoga practice kind of fell back to 2-3x a week and I’ve swapped weight lifting for a homeowner’s life of cleaning, organizing, stacking boxes, and yard work. I’ve also continued to walk A TON especially since my new neighborhood is super walkable!

Bridge Walk


I was hoping to be a bit more vigilant about nutrient-density during these final months, but with the craziness of moving my new mantra became “eat… eat now.” I basically became the queen of protein bars.

Now that things have slowed down, I’ve gotten a little bit better at making ACTUAL meals and not just chomping away on whatever is closest and fastest.

I’ve also been chowing down on tons of summer berries and melons, still taking my probiotics, and including high-quality yogurt and sauerkraut.

Watermelon Soup

If I had the money, I’d be purchasing turmeric shots everyday to help with inflammation. Those should be helpful during the postpartum window depending on the craziness of my birth experience.

Here are some other nutritional supports for pregnancy and labor!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, Recommended for joint health. (check out my last post for a recipe!)
Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, Recommended for toning the uterus before labor.
Dates, Six per day! Recommended to shorten labor.
Pineapple, may help induce labor.


It definitely feels like my pelvis is splitting in two. Which is… not fun, but I imagine a welcome sensation compared to birth.

Week 37 had me like …ZZZZZZ. Seriously, so tired you guys. I wake up tired, drive tired, eat tired, basically everything tired. I’ve heard that there’s a last minute burst of energy right before labor so I at least I now have something to compare it to!


Washing Things. You know… things. Like bed sheets, clothes, window sills. I imagine my life is about to become especially messy.

Spinning Babies. A website with great recommendations on how to get baby into optimal birthing position.

Atlas Nursery

Rearranging the Nursery. Just keeping busy and making it a special place for my little guy when he shows up! But for now it’s a calm, quiet, and great spot for doing yoga!


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    You look great

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INGREDIENTS // one of my favorite activities is going out for coffee. For me, the sights, sounds, and smells of a coffee shop signal rest and I enter into a state of slowing down, more observing and less doing. Lately, I haven't been out to coffee too often because 1. It's expensive and 2. I don't tolerate dairy and I'm not much of a black coffee drinker so at most shops I'm limited to their dairy-free options. While it's nice to have nut milks available, I have discovered that all the other ingredients in these alternative drinks do NOT do my body any good. 
A solution to would be to bring my own homemade milk, but I don't always have some ready or I forget to put a bit in a small container (which then gives me the fun task of toting around a dirty jar in my car all day). These smaller bottles of almond milk are perfect for adding to my coffee when I'm out as most dairy-free milks come in huge cartons and are inconvenient for a coffee outing.  @popandbottle only uses basic, real food ingredients for their almond milk. They even sweeten it with a bit of date! 
I like to think that I always have a choice about what I put in my body. Sometimes I'll have to settle for black coffee, but if I plan a bit, I can still enjoy my coffee outings without ultimately compromising on what is best for me in the long run. SNACKS // kept it really simple today during meal prep. This is a tasty bowl of yams, banana, almond butter, and coconut flakes. FAST FOOD// Roasted all these veggies last night for a tasty quick lunch. Added a new find from Whole Foods. @goodlovinfoods lemon garlic dip. If you like bitchen sauce, you'll like this (!! bonus, they don't use any soy ingredients either !!) ROUTINE// Who else is meal prepping today? It's a small step that has big impact on your health... body and mind. One less stress to consider in a week full of choices and obstacles. #paleomealprep #sandiegoprivatechef #sandiegopaleo

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