Pregnancy Week 35: Nesting

Moving and Nesting. Nesting and Moving.

There’s no better or worse time to nest than when moving.

Moving is an upheaval. All my stuff goes into boxes and bags and out-of-order. As if pregnancy brain isn’t enough, I’ve now hidden all my items from their usual location, a sure way to feel like I’ve completely lost my mind.

Additionally, just as my body is becoming REALLY awkward and my core becomes more of a description of where my baby is located and less of a bundle of stabilizing muscles…. I must carry heavy things from here to there. Bend down, pick up, put away, throw away. It’s a spectacle for my neighbors, I’m sure.

But nest I must. Nesting is actually my default setting. I’m a nester by nature. Even as a child I would regularly reorganize, rearrange, label, and categorize my belongings. Chalk it up to my controlling nature, but I really enjoy clearing clutter and creating a calm and beautiful living space.


Moving also provides a refreshing opportunity for a clean slate. The house has NOTHING in it until I bring the items in. I put my hands on EVERY SINGLE BELONGING and decide if it stays or goes. As I speak, there’s a trunk full of donations going to the local thrift shop tomorrow because I’ve trimmed the “fat”. It’s incredibly refreshing.


New house, new stuff, new organizational tactics.

Like bins. Lots of bins (and toilet paper apparently).


In the past, I’ve kept a lot of my extra stuff in the same cardboard boxes that I moved them in. I figured it was time to step up my game since these items will be a bit more exposed to the elements in a garage… and because I’m an adult. Not a college student.

I’m really loving our bedroom. It’s relaxing, colorful, and definitely San Diego-inspired without feeling like a vacation rental.


Who else goes into crazy nesting mode while pregnant? I’m anticipating a huge burst of energy for meal prep, dusting, and bathroom cleaning in the coming weeks!


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  1. Meeee! Though tbh I spend my life nesting. Haha. I’m 35 weeks tomorrow and we moved into our new place recently and I’ve had the time of my life throwing things away, painting and labelling. Haha

    1. nikkiledford says:

      It seems like good timing for sure, even though a little stressful 🙂

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