Pregnancy Week 28: Things I Learned in my Second Trimester

Second Trimester

I’ve reached my third trimester! To follow up my initial “things I learned” post for the first, I thought I would share some similar thoughts about the second phase of my pregnancy.

It’s so incredible how the pregnancy experience really does shift from one phase to the next in almost exact correspondence to the “trimesters”. I wonder if this is truly a scientific and biological transition, or if it’s somehow pyscho-somatic. We feel certain ways during certain times, because everyone (doctors, nurses, books, and other women) tells us that’s how we will be feeling. Food for thought.

Here’s a recap of my Second Trimester!

It really does get easier. 

When you’re smack in the middle of the first trimester, feeling moody and nauseous and uncomfortable in your clothing, it’s really difficult to imagine that you will ever feel normal again. Take courage though becuase the second tri really is the “sweet spot” of pregnancy. There were definitely days and weeks that were easier than others, but overall I’ve felt the most “normal” for the past 12 weeks than I did for the first few months.

The pregnant body becomes cuter and not so “lumpy”.

One of the difficulties of the first tri is the fact that you know you’re pregnant, you feel your body changing, but NO ONE else notices. I felt so incredibly awkward during that time. Now, not only do I feel better physically, but I also feel better about how I look. My baby belly is more obvious which means I can dress to highlight my pregnancy and not to cover up the awkwardness. It’s nice to get dressed to “show off’ and not to “hide”.

Time Stops. 

Since the initial thrill of the pregnancy test is over and the urgency of labor, delivery, and parenthood is still far, far away, I felt kind of stuck in a limbo stage of “soon, but not yet”. I’ve actually enjoyed this aspect of pregnancy. Instead of constantly looking forward or back, I feel very firmly planted in the present.

Baby Products are Overwhelming. 

The REGISTRY. It’s important to prepare for a whole new person coming home, but where the heck do you start?! The best advice I got was from my newly mom friends. Since they have recently gone through the transition, they had the most fresh perspective on what’s absolutely necessary, what to consider, and what can wait. Another piece of advice was to go with your gut. You can find positive and negative reviews for almost anything. And here’s the kicker… you can do the best research in the history of parents-to-be, but if your kid doesn’t like THAT bottle or THAT bouncer then you’ve just received the only review you need!

Finding out the gender is SO FUN! 

For me anyways. Some people like to keep it a secret, but I was categorically incapable of envisioning a life with my baby without knowing if it were a boy or girl. Once I saw that ultrasound, I began to dream and plan for my little guy. It will be fun to meet him and see what he’s like!

Third Trimester, Here we come!


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