What I Ate Wednesday

I thought I’d revive the ol’ “what I ate” post today.

Whenever I talk to anyone about healthy eating, nutrition, nourishment, ancestral health, etc, I inevitably get the question, “So what do you eat?”

Here’s an answer. I usually eat different stuff everyday. I’m not a food routine kind of person. I eat at different hours of the day, different amounts, from different sources. I cook most of my food, but I’m certainly not above a quick lunch at the Whole Foods smoked meats counter (actually, I’d eat that everyday if I could).

On this particular day I woke up kind of late, so my morning routine got pushed back quite a bit. I was out the door around 9 am to walk the pup and get my coffee on. I chose an almond milk latte at Industrial Grind Coffee in Hillcrest, San Diego. It was yummy and a beautiful day to be outdoors near Balboa Park. By the time I got home, it was about 11:30 and I was ravenous.

Enter breakfast:


 a whole medium avocado and 3 medium fried eggs

After that, I did some chores and headed to Whole Foods to work on some menu stuff. I also enjoyed a nice snack and hydrated with lots of water!



Unfortunately for my work, this particular whole foods did not have WiFi. So I decided to trek it down to Mission Valley, San Diego to check out a new rock climbing gym, Grotto Climbing and Yoga. In a word. Epic. I signed up for a membership right away.

When I got back home at 4, I was hungry again so I made a quick meal before walking my pup again.


Applegate organic beef hot dogs with sautéed shaved brussels and yam, topped with half a small avocado

After the pup walk I headed off to yoga at the new climbing gym for a blissful bendy practice at 6 pm. Once home, I decided it was necessary for me and my guy to go check out a local bar, Polite Provisions in University Heights. I had a delicious drinky called an Ocean Side. It was gin and citrus and mint and not very sweet at all. Super refreshing and herb-y (and STRONG).


Ocean Side. Gin, Lemon, Lime, Mint

One drinky was enough for me so we headed back home around 9 pm. I still had some work I needed to do and was feeling a little hungry (probably from crushing it on the wall earlier). So I had a late snack/meal.


A glamorous couple of slices of roasted turkey breast, spicy mustard, and a small handful of dry roasted almonds

I hope you found this super interesting and if not, at the very least inspiring to see that eating healthy does not have to be complicated, perfect, or flavorless.

I put my food into fitness pal today (not a regular thing i do, just for this post) and here’s the breakdown; more or less.

Carbs: 75g.  Fat: 90 g. Protein: 80 g.

Calories : ~1450 ( i usually eat more than this on any given day)


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