What’s in my Grocery Basket?

Here are my shopping adventures from the past week! I went a bunch of places as usual.

Wholesome Choice (WC)
Trader Joe’s (TJ)
Whole Foods (WF)


Rhythm Kale Chips. I wanted to compare these to the nacho kale chips at trader joes. Same exact thing.

WC: $4.49
TJ: $3.99
WF: $7.99 (aka. highway robbery)
Amazon: $32.99/4 pack

Applewood Smoked Bacon. For Bacon JAMMMMMM.

TJ: $4.99/lb.
WF: $10.99/lb. at the meat counter
WC: $7.99

Shredded Coconut. Decided I needed more Chunky Monkey Cookies in my life.

WF: $4.99/lb.

Avocados. I haven’t been buying a lot of avocados lately, but when I received an email from my local whole foods that they were having a sale, I scooped them up! They were later added to a blood orange, fennel, and arugula salad.

WF: $5/4 avocados
Ralphs: $1.25 each

Bananas. For my chunky monkey cookies.

TJ: $.19/each
Ralphs: $.79/lb.

Blueberry Muffin Larabars. One smoking hot deal at target (of all places). A box of 8 for less than 8 dollars?!

Target: $7.38/8 bars
Amazon: $19.99/16 bars

Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Tea. My husbands FAVORITE tea. It’s so good. Great for morning energy or nighttime relaxing.

WC: $2.69
Amazon: $30.53/6 pack

Tumeric Elixir. I recently got a coupon for a FREE bottle.

WF: $5.99

Applegate Organic Turkey Meat. Always great for a quick snack or meat. I rolled them up with some of my yummy and inexpensive avocados!

WF: $6.99

Tieman’s Fusion Coffee. A fantastic blend of coffee, goji berries, matcha green tea, and roobios. I love that I can still have my coffee and a super boost of nutrient-dense foods all at once. Combine that with my Coffee Fudge, and you’re ready for anything the world throws at you.

WC: $9.99
Amazon: $12.59

Superstar by Urban Cowboy Deodorant. The BEST natural deodorant I have found. Smells great, no weird ingredients. No need to apply a million times a day.

WF: 8.99


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