What’s in my Grocery Basket?


This week’s basket was a tiny one…

I decided to change-up my routine so I perused around Mother’s Market, an Orange County natural food lover’s favorite.

It’s mostly my favorite because it’s the only place I’ve found around here that has Lulu’s Raw Maca Buttercups. INCREDIBLE (ever notice how that word has the word EDIBLE in it?… well, now you have. You’re welcome.)

New feature: Best prices are in ITALICS.

Lulu’s Maca Buttercups. Go find some! So yummy!

Mother’s: $5.49

Organic Canned Pumpkin. Used this for Elana’s Pantry Chocolate Pumpkin Chiffon Pudding. SO. GOOD.

Mother’s: $1.89
WF: $1.29
TJ: $1.99
WC: $2.29

Theo Chocolate Bar. Check the other grocery posts for my praises of this chocolate brand. Posts are here and here and here.

Mother’s: $3.19
Sprouts: $2.99
Jimbos: $2.49 (best deal I’ve seen so far)
Ralphs: $2.99
WC: $3.49
WF: $3.99

Frozen Mixed Mushrooms. I love mushrooms! It’s fun to have them on hand for random dishes. I also made some bone broth this week so I’m sure soup will be on the menu sometime soon.

Mother’s: $3.19

Frozen Brussels Sprouts. It’s a really great idea to keep some frozen veggies around. I’ve been trying to add a lot more variety to my veggie intake but I don’t like to get too much fresh veggies in case they don’t get used and go bad.

Mother’s: $2.29
TJ’s: $1.19

Ginger. Got this for my home-brew kombucha!

Mother’s: $6.99/lb.
WF: $5.99/lb.
TJ’s: $1.99/4 oz.

NibMor Mint Dark Chocolate Squares. Portion control!!!

Mother’s: $.69/ea.

Fuji Apples. 

Mother’s: $1.99/lb.
Sprouts: $1.99/lb
TJ: $.79/ea.
WC: $1.69/lb.
WF: $2.49/lb.

Kicking Horse Coffee. Target also has this brand. I like it because not only is it fair trade, it’s also DIRECT trade. This means that all the beans are sourced from the same plantation. These plantations benefit from being paid fairly and the are the exclusive source for the whole bag of beans. (Fair trade means workers were paid appropriately but the beans may be a blend from a bunch of locations.

Mother’s: $10.19
Target: $6.99


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