What’s in my Grocery Basket?

I went to four grocery stores today. FOUR.

To be fair, for the past couple weeks, we’ve had a good reserve of staple foods in the house so I haven’t had to do a “big shop” for us in a while. We finally worked our way through most of our fresh produce and meat (except for the salami log from last week).

All that being said, brace yourself for a LONG post.


Trader Joe’s

Extra Vigin Coconut Oil

TJ: $5.99
WF: $6.99
Sprouts: $6.99

Yellow Onions

TJ: $2.79/ 2 lbs.
WC: $.38 for 1.5 lb.
TJ: $.69/ea medium-sized
WF: $1.99/lb.

Hatch Valley Salsa. Looked yummy to add to some crispy pork or a salad!

TJ: $2.69

HOT Pico de Gallo

TJ: $2.99

Bacon Ends and Pieces. The best bacon EVER and the most economical choice out there.

TJ: $2.99/lb.
WF: $10.99 lb. (in-house)
Ralphs: $5.99

Organic Garlic

TJ: $1.49/3 bulbs

Organic Lemons. For my husband’s new original drink, Lemon Basil Old Fashioned

TJ: $1.99/lb
WF: $.89 ea.

Organic Mushrooms. For my salads!

TJ: $2.29/8 oz.
WF: $2.99
Sprouts: 2.99

Organic Beets. Also for salads.

TJ: $1.49/lb.

Candy Cane Green Tea (decaf). YAYYYYYY!!!! It’s BAAAAACK! Pro tip: So yummy with some homemade almond milk.

TJ: $1.99

Butternut Squash. More salad ingredients!

TJ: $1.79 ea. (about 3 lbs.)
Jimbos: $.99/lb.
Sprouts: $.88/lb.
WF: $1.29/lb.

Organic Green Peppers. Always get peppers ORGANIC! They are dirty, dirty veggies.

TJ: $2.49 for 2

Organic Broccoli

TJ: $2.69

Whole Foods

Pork Shoulder. Another big guy for the crock pot! Kalua Pig for my belly!

WF: $3.99/lb.
WC: $4.50/lb.

Family Pack Organic Chicken Thighs.

WF: $4.99/lb.
TJ: $4.99/lb


Baba Ghanouj. Impulse buy. I love a good Baba every now and then. Thought I could include it in a salami lettuce wrap or something…

Jimbos: $2.85

Parsnips. Making a Tomato and Roasted Fennel Soup for my husband. It’s his favorite and he always has to tell me when stuff is his favorite because I rarely make the same recipe twice.

Jimbos: $1.99/lb.

BioNature Canned Whole Tomatoes

Jimbos: $2.99/28 oz.

SunFood Raw Organic Cacao Butter. I had a wild idea to make Paleo Blondies using cacao butter instead of regular chocolate! Recipe later 😉

Jimbos: $17.95


Large Avocados

Sprouts: 2 for $4.00
Jimbos: 3 for $5.00
WF: 42.49 ea.

Organic Romaine Hearts

Sprouts: 3 pk. for $2.99

Organic Apples

Sprouts: $1.99/lb
TJ: $.79
WC: $1.69/lb.
WF: $2.49/lb.

Organic Green Onions

Sprouts: $.99

Purple Sweet Potatoes. So delicious! Go get some now!

Sprouts: $.99/lb.
Jimbos: $2.39/lb. (ouch)

Theo Chocolate Bar. Necessity.

Sprouts: $2.99
Jimbos: $2.49 (best deal I’ve seen so far)
Ralphs: $2.99
WC: $3.49
WF: $3.99

Pasture Perfect Ground Beef. I was so excited to find it here also. More expensive than Wholesome Choice though…

Sprouts: $7.99
WC: $6.99

Steve’s Ice Cream, Mint Cacao Chip. I’ve been wanting to try this ice cream for a LOOOOONG time. But I’ve had a hard time justifying the expense and sugar load. Fortunately for me, Sprouts had it on sale. Steve’s has some amazing looking flavors. Some are dairy based and some are dairy-free. Check out their site! This dairy-free and is made with fresh mint and chocolate-covered cacao nibs.

Sprouts: $3.99
WF: $6.99


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