What’s in my Grocery Basket?

The first installment of “What’s in my Grocery Basket?” was a great success, so here we are again! Another week, another grocery trip.


This week I will share my one day purchases from 3 different stores (yes THREE… I wasn’t lying last post…)

I revisiting my new discovery, Wholesome Choice and my regulars Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

First up, Trader Joe’s.

Smoked Gouda Cheese. A request from my Hunny. I am lac-tarded.

TJ: $3.49

Coconut Oil Cooking Spray. Also a request. I like using it when making paleo breads or muffins, but for cooking oil I usually throw a big blob of fat in the pan.

TJ: $2.99
Sprouts: $5.49
WF: $5.99

Giant Log o’ Salami. This signals the beginning of Holiday time at TJ’s. I remember grabbing this last year around this time. I love salami, but it oftentimes has weird ingredients. This one is a great price and clean eating.

TJ: $9.99

Green Apple. to slice and eat in lettuce wraps with the aforementioned salami and some spicy mustard. Post-Workout winner!

TJ: $.79
WC: $1.69/lb.
WF: $2.49/lb.

Next Stop… Wholesome Choice!

A lot of this shop was motivated by future culinary projects. I have a Fat Fudge in the works, home-brew Kombucha, and some baked goods for a Chiropractic Office in the queue.

Medjool Dates. What a fantastic price for a giant container of Medjool Dates. TJ’s is my typical stop for this, but this international market has the value for sure. For my paleo brownies.

Ralphs and TJ: $5.99/lb.
WC: $4.99/lb.
WF: $7.99/14 oz.
Farmer’s Market: 7.99/lb.

Tiesta Tea, Kokomaté. Well this looks fun! It’s a loose tea with Yerba Maté, Rooibos, Coconut, and Cinnamon. Super fantastic since coffee has been making me feel sick lately.

WC: $3.49

Alter Eco Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt. Another fantastic chocolate with no soy weirdness. Anything with sea salt wins.

WC: $3.49
Jimbo’s: $2.49
WF: $3.99
Sprouts: $2.99

Chino Farms Eggs. Pro Tip: The Nichols brand eggs at Trader Joe’s are these same eggs for less money. They aren’t labelled organic or cage-free, but that’s part of TJ’s mysterious labeling charm. You’re welcome.

WC: $3.99
TJ: $2.99

Red Delicious and Golden Delicious Apples. These looked great and for a great price but ended up being super mushy.

WC: $1.69/lb.
WF: $2.49/lb.

Cacao Powder from Navitas. I’ve been wanting to use more cacao over cocoa lately. Just seems like a more nutrient dense choice. Not cheap, but better than WF for reals.

WC: $7.99 for 8 oz. bag
WF: $18.99 for 16 oz. bag

Raw Organic Maca Powder. Also needed this for my FAT Fudge and I love the great hormonal benefits of maca. Also great for coffee alternative drinks. I mix it in with my Golden Milk or Homemade Cashew Milk.

WC: $8.99 for 8 oz.
WF: $24.99 for 16 oz. (nativas) 16.99 for 16 oz. (ojio)

Nutiva Organic Red Palm Oil. Fat Fudge often calls for grass-fed butter or ghee, but since dairy is not welcome in my belly i decided to go for the buttery-flavored red palm oil. High in Vitamin E (like nuts and seeds) and Carotenoids (like carrots, yams, and orange-colored squash). It’s also nice to mix up the cooking oils from time to time.

WC: $6.99
WF: $7.99… On Sale for $5.99
Jimbo’s: $6.99

Raw Mascobado Cane Sugar. Thought I’d try it out for my new kombucha brew.

WC: $3.99
WF: $4.29 (similar brand)
Jimbo’s: $5.89

Last stop was my beloved Whole Foods. I love this place, but man… it loses a lot of the pice wars. Tone it down you guys!

One thing is becoming very clear… I am now the sketchy chick taking pictures of all the store product…

Canned Pumpkin. Best price I’ve seen. Not necessary to be organic.

WF: 1.29
TJ: 1.99
WC: 2.29

Good Bar Soaps in Holiday Pine, Vanilla Peppermint, and Lavender. As if you need more of an explanation. I love clean skin products as much as clean food. These bars are made with Shea Butter, one of my favorite skin products.

WF: On Sale 3 bars for $6

Butter Lettuce. For burgers, salad, whatev.

WF: $1.49 ($3.99 hydroponic)

Organic Tahini. For my fat fudge. BEST PRICE EVER

WF: $5.99
WC: $6.99 (not organic) $8.99 and up for organic brands


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