Links I Love 9.0

Another edition of everyone’s favorite… The Clean Plate’s newest, favoritest links.

Let’s start with some recipes.

Nom Nom Paleo

This salad was AMAZING. I omitted the cashews and used this almond butter dressing. I also added grilled chicken. I also just recently got Michelle’s Cookbook, Nom Nom Paleo. It’s equally amazing and must be purchased by everyone ASAP.



The Paleo Cupboard

I’m making this for the Fourth of July! I’ll be using strawberries and blueberries with some toasted almonds 🙂




Simply Human Lifestyle.

I’ve been loving Mark Rogers and his SHL podcast. His approach to the Paleo Lifestyle is encapsulated in what he calls the “Four Pillars” of human health; Eat, Move, Sleep, and Enjoy. Everyday in my journal I keep track of how I move, sleep, eat, and enjoy my life. It’s really rewarding to see a record of healthy human living day-to-day. It’s also a good tool in case something goes awry. He also has a section for “kids” and his wife keeps up a Simply Human Moms blog. Super great!


I want this.



Breaking Muscle, Katy Bowman, and Coach Christopher Sommer

I’ve been NERDing out on alignment, movement, and overall joint/muscle/connective tissue health.

This article really illuminates the dangers inherent in office work, sitting, and inadequate movement (not necessarily exercise).

That’s right – even if you work out religiously it might still not be quite enough to undo the hours you spend on Facebook and YouTube. Author Doug Dupont summarized a 2013 study in his article Sitting at Your Desk Is Eating Your Muscles. The study found sedentary workers who exercised were at just as high risk for health issues as those who didn’t exercise regularly. For the desk worker, what’s much more crucial than intermittent exercise is regular movement, which prevents muscle breakdown.

Katy’s podcast interview with Ben Greenfield and Coach Sommer’s podcast interview with Robb Wolf have really piqued my interest in focusing on body strength and stability… not just muscle strength. Go listen!

While you’re at it… Fix your PLANK!

Le Nutritionniste Urbain

How cute are these infographics?!




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