Recipe Sharing

I’ve been having fun with lots of recipes from fellow bloggers… So I thought I’d share my copy-cat creations and corresponding pics.


Paleo Orange Chicken

The Paleo Cupboard is a new fav of mine. The website is super adorable. This meal gets an A+ from me. Next time I will be breading it like my breaded fish recipe… and THEN coating it in the orangey goodness. Panda Express… look out!


Raw Cookie Dough

Recipe from Tasty Yummies. I’m always looking for a good Almond-Milk-Pulp recipe. This is tasty. Next time, I will probably leave out the honey and add a bit more oil or butter. Too sweet and doesn’t hold together well.




Home-Brew Kombucha

The Kitchn tutorial on how to make kombucha is perfect! I flavored mine with almond extract, vanilla extract, and lemon juice. So good! Going to try ginger next time!



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