Gut Repair Week 8

I did it.


I ate a brownie.

went to go surf off the brownie
surfing off the brownie indulgence

After 8 weeks of a strict Gut Repair Diet, I ate a deliciously chocolatey paleo brownie.

Notice I didn’t say I “cheated” and ate a brownie. Cause I didn’t. I’ve been cleared by the Doc to stop the gut repair protocol and return to my regular clean-eating diet. Wahoo!


Here’s the scoop. My symptoms have not really budged since beginning the elimination and supplementation. As I’ve said in recent weeks, I think my digestive problems are more closely related with my stress/anxiety levels than the actual food I eat. Therefore, if I am not managing or reducing chronic stress, tension, or anxious thoughts, then my issues will not get better by food/supplementation alone.

So for the next little bit I will be finishing out all my herbal supplements (the Repairvite, liquid Vitamin D Complex, and GI Synergy) and THEN embarking on the final phase of my functional medicine journey (well, this one anyways).

The next phase is a gall bladder/liver detox. There is also a restrictive diet that goes along with this phase, but it’s much easier and closer to a strict paleo diet. It removes alcohol, caffeine, sugar, fruit, white potatoes, beef, and pork (sad face). I can bring back eggs, tomatoes, peppers, paprika, etc. I can also bring back nuts and seeds but I will, most likely, keep those to a bare minimum.

The detox supplement is called Clearvite and it comes in the form of a powdered drink. The protocol lasts for 21 days. I will also continue to take digestive enzymes and HCL support as well as a probiotic (prescript assist).

So, back to the brownie. It was a brief celebration of my gustatory freedom. Since I will be detoxing in the near future, as I finish out the last of the Repairvite I will keep to the elimination diet ….in theory. In practice, I won’t freak out if there’s paprika on my sausage, banana in my smoothie, or peppers in my salad. I know that those things aren’t the issue. However, I don’t want to jump feet first into a sugary, caffeinated, alcoholic diet since I’ll just be detoxing again in a week or two.

So that’s my story. I suspect that if I’m ever able to get my “anxious tendencies” under control, my digestion will vastly improve and I won’t have to resort these sorts of interventions. But if I do, I know that they are available to me and I can comply with the “rules”.

In other news… I am beyond STOKED for this lil’ cookbook that arrived on my doorstep this week.



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  1. Hey! I just wanted to say I love your blog and your “Gut Repair” posts have been really helpful for me! Ive also been dealing with these same digestive issues probably linked to my ICV/Leaky Gut. Everything’s worsened with raw foods and fruits so Ive been eating paleo for a while now, with my veggies grilled. Anyway as much as this helps my symptoms to an extent, I also think it totally is my stress and anxiety that is really the underlying cause of everything. I’m going to try to do more yoga, breathing exercises and meditation and hopefully one day get rid of the problem for good! Thanks for being open with your journey and good luck with everything!!

    1. nikkiledford says:

      Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your experience. I really do believe that it all comes down to stress so I’ve noticed that when I’m more stressed, I really need to be intelligent about what I eat and how I supplement. When I’m more relaxed and just enjoying life, I don’t need to be as strict 🙂 Glad my account was able to help you feel like you’re not alone!


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