Gut Repair Week 4

My friend's wedding treats. A big no-no for me.
My friend’s wedding treats. A big no-no for me. (The dinosaurs make it kind of paleo… ?)


I’m now approaching the 1 month mark of my 3 month Repairvite journey. That’s crazy. I never thought I would be able to go 4 weeks without nuts, seeds, and eggs.  They were such a regular part of my life that it was difficult to imagine my meals with out them.


I’ve kind of gotten into a routine with my meals. It’s pretty uninteresting. For breakfast I typically have some sausage or bacon with berries and a kombucha. Lunch is some sliced turkey or chicken thighs and olives or sweet potato. Dinner is usually from soup to burgers and some sautéed kale or grilled zucchini. Snacks are olives, grapefruit or oranges, yams, smoked oysters, or bacon.


In the past week or so, I’ve gotten really bad at taking my supplements at the right time. I’ll inevitably end up taking my digestive support after some meals. Forgetting to take the GI Synergy or my 3x daily swig of Vitamin D Fish Oil. It’s a lot to remember in the 16 hours of being awake. To my credit, I’ve been portioning out my supplements for each day the night before hand. So every morning, I have my little travel cup of pills all ready to go!


I’ve been further experimenting and eliminating food items to potentially nail down any other food intolerances. Through my research I’ve found that IBS sufferers see a lot of improvement when removing FODMAP’s from the diet. FODMAP’s are a group of fermentable carbohydrates. Check here for specifics, but in a nutshell I’ve eliminated avocados, coconut, garlic, onions… yeah. Not Fun. So far, I’ve cut them out for 5 days and I’m still experiencing some bloating. I’m beginning to think that the digestive upset is lot going to be attributable to any particular food. Ultimately, sticking to the original plan and healing the gut will be the biggest help in restoring optimal digestive function.


Stress, Sleep, Chiropractic, Exercise.

Honestly, I think the resolution to this issue has a lot to due with my emotional landscape. Stress and Anxiety are the biggest contributors to my silly digestion. It’s been true since childhood. As much as we would like to believe that we can fix everything with food, medicine, supplements, etc, we can’t. Especially when it comes to our digestion. We have so many neurons in our digestive tract, it’s impossible to believe that our emotional feelings don’t affect our physical feelings. I’ve been trying to get enough sleep, meditate, journal, and make time to spend with friends. Definitely need more of this!

I’ve been cleared to start doing more weight-bearing exercise which is rad. As far as chiropractic health goes, my spine is much more aligned than a month ago. The subtle curvatures in my spine have decreased from 5-7 degrees to 3 degrees. So, that’s rad.

I hope this info is helpful for anyone trying to reverse digestive problems through a holistic approach and a paleo diet.

Have a great week!




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