Gut Repair Week 1

Week 1 of my Repair Protocol has commenced. I celebrated my last week of fun eats with things like fried plantains, carnitas with hot sauce, frozen yogurt (dairy-free) with Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, and gluten-free pizza with lots and lots of mushrooms. I know, not the most extravagant of food sins… but I enjoyed every bit of my indulgences.

So far, I’m only 2 days deep and all I can say is that eating has become a bit boring. Which is a sad state for a chef.

I had a coconut milk and berry smoothie this morning and chicken thighs with parsley and grilled sweet potatoes for lunch. Honestly, I feel like I eat more supplements than actual food.

The supplements are part of the Apex Energetics RepairVite Program. This includes a probiotic, Vitamin D (plus EPA, DHA, vit. A and vit. B), an herbal blend for repairing the gut lining, a Digestive Enzyme, HCL support, and another herbal blend that is anti-parasitic, anti-yeast. So yeah, lots of supplements.

I’m sure by next week I will have a bit more information to share as far as the effects/side effects or any progress.


Fancy Repair Meal
Fancy Repair Meal

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