Links I Love 8.0

Not gonna lie, I’ve been all over the internet lately. I’m feeling a technology detox coming on…

But until then, here’s some cool/funny/informative stuff I’ve found. com has a handy guide for those who struggle with how to dress for their “body type”. Here’s a great diagram that will help you look beyond the apple or pear fit.

body types

Aaaaannnd… speaking of body types, I loved this article in The Elephant. Turns out once you’re naked on a table, no one is surprised that you have (GASP) cellulite, stretch marks, boney shoulders, pale skin, freckles, scars, or anything else you think is unlovely to behold. People are people and they come in all shapes and sizes. Photoshopped isn’t one of them.

At that first long sigh, at that first thought that “I can stop hanging on now, I’m safe” – a luminosity, a glow, begins. Within a few minutes the whole body is radiant with it.

Here’s a a beautiful collection of a yogi mom and her daughter. This makes me want a daughter now… and all her yoga pants. Check out Laura’s website here.



The people over at Prairie Yogi Magazine have some great tips for beginning a meditation practice. Something that I still struggle with… sigh

Meditation is an affirmation of life, more particularly, your life; so treat it as such. Start with a minute, a simple minute (use a time) to sit tall and enjoy the breath. Allow this minute to be dedicated entirely to the breath. Other thoughts will arise, so when you notice yourself thinking of straying from the breath, simply come back to a sense of enjoyment and gratitude for the breath. Even if some days feel like you’re faking it, keep opening to the potential joy. Feel as though this is the only minute you have to truly savour the fullness of life.

This gem of an article was sent to me by my loving and awesome husband. I am an obsessive goal-setter. I love it. I love fresh starts and the promise of a well-laid-out plan. This dude, Jeff Haden implores us to design systems and set environments that help us enjoy our lives as we engage in the process of progress. Goals oftentimes take us out of the present and into a goal-focused, future-oriented zombies. Sometimes goals are never reached, but I bet you always change a little. Why not enjoy the process?

When you’re working toward a goal, you’re essentially saying, “I’m not good enough yet… but I will be when I reach my goal.”

The problem with this mindset is that you’re teaching yourself to always put off happiness and success until the next milestone is achieved. “Once I reach my goal, I’ll be happy. Once I achieve my goal, I’ll be successful.”

I’ve been making this lately…


Sweet Potato Soup


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