Links I Love 7.0

Another edition of my favorite links. Time to surf the web…

I’m leading this off with a favorite new PRODUCT.

NoOodle – Calorie Free Noodles that have an AWESOME texture. I’m actually more impressed with the pasta-like texture than I am with all the “-Free” attributes. Go buy some!


Nutritionist Erica Sawers shares a sensible approach to weight loss.

Keep it positive and treat yourself compassionately at all times.

I love Molly! What a great challenge to participate in. Pretty much every woman on earth could stand to love themselves a bit more. Start here!

To take away the shame of having an “imperfect” body.  I mean seriously, what the heck does a perfect body look like anyway?  Cellulite, stretch marks, birthmarks, scars, moles, wrinkles… these are a part of every single one of us, and they make us unique, and they help us tell our story.  There is no reason to hide them anymore.

Mind Body Green has something for the DIY crowd, here are some tips for how to use your everyday household items as personal care products. Bust out the coconut oil, salt, and honey!

Health is about more than just what we put in our body—it’s also about what we put ON our bodies!

I’ve been making these lately. Easy and yummy.

Rosemary Pecan Cookie
Rosemary Pecan Cookie



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