Links I Love 6.0

Been a little uninspired lately when it comes to new recipes… so I thought I’d share some inspiring links!

First up. Almond flour… the good vs. the bad. You decide.

“I don’t think almond flour is a terrible flour.  And I don’t think coconut is a better choice (not that I think you should avoid coconut flour either).  But, just like everything in our diets, I think variety is important.”

Empowered Sustenance has some GREAT ideas for replacing the bread in your sandwich. Go get inspired! I love using sweet potato rounds, like in my BLT Sliders and Breakfast Sliders. I also used my cashew muffin recipe to make some sandwich bread… so good!

lettuce, turkey, bacon jam, and avocado.

Moving out of the culinary realm into more performance-oriented inspiration. Let’s just say I love quality in all areas. This post by Outside the Gym is really encouraging. I’ve been pretty disappointed in the quality and consistency of the Crossfit gym scene. Gyms are opening up on every corner and it seems that many of these places are (understandably) hopping on the Crossfit bandwagon. I mean, it makes sense… with low start-up costs, little-to-no coaching accountability, and outrageously high monthly premiums, it seems like a pretty good move if you wanna make some money. All I see is a fitness market saturated with crappy coaches and insincere attempts at fostering “community” all in the name of the Almighty Dollar. Outside the Gym attempts to stoke the fire of quality in coaches and gyms around the country. If you want to do Crossfit, find the gyms that are doing it right. This post helps weed out the people who give Crossfit a bad name (and give physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons the bulk of their business).

“There are far more educated, conscientious fitness professionals quietly going about their business of improving peoples’ lives than there are fools allowing neophyte clients to get rhabdo.”

And finally, I love encouraging people to wake up early. It definitely pays off to be a morning person

“… it’s not that you’re not a morning person, it’s just that you tried to change too quickly and are suffering.”

Leo is the man. Check out his post on greeting the Sun here.


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