The Clean Plate Day 28

Griffith Park, looking fine.
Griffith Park, looking fine.

I managed to fit in some yoga AND a nice walk on beautiful day 28. I felt very accomplished. My activity level has been all over the place due to my schedule and I HATE THAT. I love consistency in my active life (well… in everything actually. I can be a bit of a control nut…)


Only 2 more days to go of The Clean Slate! And both of them will be spent at DISNEYLAND Just you watch how a girl can clean her plate while at an amusement park full of treats. It’ll be inspiring for sure.

Clean Eats


Breakfast: scrambled eggs with roasted potato and pepper hash

Lunch: Chicken and Butternut Squash

Snack: some sips of ginger kombucha and a handful of homemade Paleo-ish Trail Mix (recipe tomorrow!)

Dinner: some leftover smokey roast and a small Lively Smoothie


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  1. Good luck resisting all the temptation over the next two days. You’ve come so far – you can do it! Looking forward to the trail mix recipe!!

    1. nikkiledford says:

      Thanks! I’m pretty confident 🙂 the trail mix is so good and I can’t wait to share!

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