The Clean Slate Day 23

Another day, another kettlebell butt-kicking. Neghar Fonooni does not fool around. Day 23 kicked off my fourth week of Lean and Lovely Kettlebell programming.

My husband and I have definitely been noticing some increased strength and stability. For me, coming from barbell lifts, I’ve noticed the stability a lot more than the strength. I’ve been noticing a lot more core strength and some better definition in my abs. I’ve also noted a lot more soreness in my butt muscles which is good! I’m working parts of my posterior chain that (I assume) were neglected with my barbell deadlifts and squats. It’s cool because I’m actually lifting less weight but experiencing gains in overall performance. Thanks Neghar!

Clean Eats

salmon salad

Breakfast: 12 oz. Lively Smoothie, 2 hard boiled eggs

Snack: 1 c. salmon salad, maca ball

Lunch: 6 oz. brisket with 1 c. mixed butternut squash and beets

Dinner: 6 oz. shredded beef over arugula

Other beverages: decaf almond milk latte, better booch, water!!!


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