The Clean Slate Day 20

photo cred: ryan singer

Day 20 was an incredibly lazy day for me. I didn’t manage to take ANY pictures of my food and I took a nap. Which never, ever, ever happens.

Okay, okay, I wasn’t really that lazy. I was able to fit in a workout (check it out below… it kicked my booty), meal prep for the coming week (bacon chicken salad, chili, salmon salad, hardboiled eggs, grilled sausages and beef hot dogs) and a nice walk to the grocery store. It’s that nap that really threw me off.

There are exciting things happening on Day 21 though! I’m helping lead a 30 day challenge at my gym, Training Camp. So I will be explaining the nutritional portion to all the challengers today. Fun! Good luck everyone 🙂

Clean Eats

Breakfast: My special liver smoothie (almond milk, 1 cube of liver, banana, cacao powder, cinnamon, and vanilla.)

Lunch (post kettlebell workout): 3 poached eggs, 1 c. roasted potatoes, 2 1/2 slices of bacon at Sundried Tomato Cafe

Snack: 1 can smoked oysters with hot sauce and some bacon chicken salad I was prepping for the week.

Dinner: 1 chili lime chicken patty (trader joes), 1/4 avocado with shredded parsnip and sweet potatoes.


KettleBell Workout (aka Booty Pain)

4 rounds

12 R/L Bulgarian split squats (#20 kb in each hand)
6 R/L windmills (#20)
12 R/L skater squat (bodyweight)
12 KB cleans (#35)
6 R/L 1-arm KB thrusters (#20)
rest 30 sec.


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