The Clean Slate Day 18

What a super fun and BUSY day! I woke up early to make sure I could send off my blog post before the madness started. Day 18 I taught a cooking class to a bunch of 11 year old nuggets 🙂 They were super fun and adorable.

We made homemade cinnamon almond butter, pizza-stuffed sweet potatoes, and chocolate avocado mousse!



Yesterday I also fit in some early morning yoga, I went to my first beach volleyball class of the season(!!!), and then went to do some kettlebell training with my man. I’m so stoked on volleyball. I’ve missed playing soooo much. And now I’m one step closer to becoming awesome like Gabby Reece.


Clean Eats


Breakfast: 2 egg scramble with mushrooms, onion, spinach, and garlic. Topped with 1/4 avocado

Snack: 1 banana and handful of almonds

Lunch: MORE BRISKET! plus some lemon brussel sprouts

Dinner: 1/2 sweet potato stuffed with italian sausage, mushrooms, and caramelized onions


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