The Clean Slate Day 9

Back at it! Had a wonderful day of activity… and a haircut! I love getting my hair cut because it means I get to go down to San Diego. My hair dresser is a good friend and I am a loyal client, so I will travel any distance! If you want awesome hair, head to The Factory in Downtown SD.

Shorter and Healthier
Shorter and Healthier

I also had a great workout with my husband yesterday, it was 4 rounds of kettlebell slanging… deadlifts, overhead presses, striders, push ups, and step ups. We also worked on our turkish get-ups and side planks. Thanks to Neghar and her Lean and Lovely program, I have definitely been feeling good and sore!

Later in the day I headed over to a hot yoga class and after dinner went on a long walk with  my man. The weather couldn’t be anymore perfect! 81 degrees and clear skies all day!

Clean Eats

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with sautéed pepper, mushroom, and onion

Lunch: Smoked brisket from whole foods

Snack: Smoothie (berries, cherries, almond butter, almond milk, glutamine, egg whites, coconut oil, kale, cinnamon)

Dinner: Coconut Green Curry Soup

other beverages: LOTS OF WATER!! (it’s super dry), yerba mate

Support Barbells for Boobs and Kevin Ogar
Support Barbells for Boobs and Kevin Ogar

I would like to take a moment to encourage everyone to head over to the Barbells for Boob’s Facebook or the Ogar Strong Facebook to support this athlete who was seriously injured at a recent Orange County Crossfit Event.

Here is some information from Crossfit Inc.

Kevin Ogar, a great athlete and friend of the community, suffered a terrible injury this past weekend while competing in the OC Throwdown.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to him as he begins his journey to recovery. One of the challenges Kevin faces is the short and long-term financial impact of this tragedy.
As a community we have a duty and responsibility to care for our own in times of need. CrossFit Inc. will lead by seeding a significant contribution towards funding Kevin’s medical needs.
This initial donation will be made through, a site established for Kevin by Barbells for Boobs. To make your own contribution towards Kevin’s recovery and rehabilitation, please visit the following link:


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