The Clean Slate Day 6


Today was a rest day. I sat at church, walked to breakfast, sat at my buddy’s house, sat in the car up to LA, sat at dinner, and sat in a movie theater. Perhaps I was a little too leisurely… I could not fall asleep for ANYTHING.

Oh well, It’s Monday! and that means I am on the last day of my first week of the Clean Slate. Booyah.

I don’t have too much to share from Day 6 besides this article. Penned by Chris Kresser, it’s a deeper look at the misconceptions about the Paleo Diet. If you have been thinking about trying paleo, but have heard a lot of tom-foolery about it… read this. Chris definitely gives a much more accurate picture of the whole lifestyle beyond the “caveman” caricature. Love that guy.

Oh! and check out Gabby and Laird’s 30 day challenge as well. I love that they have a new healthy habit for each day! They are awesome.

No food pics from Day 6 :(Funny enough, my meals today were both out at restaurants and I must adhere to my resolution to not have the phone out in social situations.

Clean Eats

Breakfast: 3-egg omelette with avocado, bacon, and herbs with hash browns at Antoine’s Cafe

Snack: Salami and Plantain Chips

Dinner: Lettuce-Wrapped Burger with tomato, onion, mayo, and avocado at The Yard House

Other beverages: sparkly water, yerba mate



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