The Clean Plate’s Clean Slate


2014/01/07 by nikkiledford


Doesn’t everyone love a Clean Slate now and then? A time of renewal, motivation, and possibility does wonders for the psyche. That’s why I love the New Year. I am a planner at heart, so new year’s has always been a favorite time of mine. I relish the promise of new beginnings and re-committing to healthier habits and attitudes. It’s embarrassing, but I’m definitely one of those people who makes a BAZILLION goals in the new year. This year, there are a few standouts:

1. To stop texting while driving. It’s seriously the most dangerous thing ever AND super annoying to be the person who does’ notice the green light at intersections. I do not want to be the person who damages another person’s car, or LIFE for that matter, nor do I desire to deprive my husband, friends, and family from spending another day with me because I was foolish while driving… Morbid, I know. But to stick with a goal, you have to know WHY you made it in the first place. This will give you the ability to stick with it when you feel pulled towards your old habits. I am committed to leaving my phone in the trunk or in my purse while I’m driving because I don’t even want to be tempted when I hear that little “ding!”.

2. To start a Meditation Practice. I feel like 2013 was the year of meditation. It seems like EVERYONE was talking about it. From the paleo folk, to the science geeks, and the bloggers, not to mention the ongoing encouragement of the yoga community… it seems like everyone is meditating. So I’ve decided that in my quest to lower my natural anxious tendencies, I will start meditating daily. I scooped up a new guided meditation app to help me get started. Hopefully one day I will be able to do it without help. I’m looking forward to seeing the benefits of slowing my mind and breath every morning.

3. Complete my first 30 day Clean Slate and blog the journey! This is a new one. From today, January 7th until February 5th, I am committing to completing a 30 day Clean Plate inspired health challenge. I am also going to blog about it everyday! Even if it’s just a little blurb. Another new year’s goal is blogging more regular, so I feel like these 2 goals will help each other along. I know I’m going to blog, so I’ll be more accountable in the challenge! I like setting myself up for success when it comes to committing to goals.

Here are the details of the CLEAN SLATE:


Eliminating Inflammatory Foods/Beverages

sugar (all sugars besides fruit, includes coconut sugar, maple, honey, etc.)
grains (corn included)
legumes (peanuts and soy included)

Consuming Clean Foods/Beverages

veggie juices
junk-free smoothies (like a blueberry avocado smoothie!)
meats like grass-fed beef, pork, and bison
poultry like turkey, chicken, etc.
seafood like salmon, mahimahi, sardines, oysters

moderate consumption:
fruits (like in smoothies or for workouts)
nuts/seeds (can be inflammatory)
natural processed foods like protein powders, nut milk, nut butters, etc.


yoga (indoor/outdoor)
Neghar Fonooni’s Lean and Lovely Kettlebell training
lots of walks
beach volleyball (I start at the end of the month!)


7-9 hours of sleep per night
Electronics curfew an hour before bed (9 pm for me)

Optional new habits:
daily meditation (at least 5 mins)
gratitude journal (list 5 things a day you are thankful for)
No phone at the dinner table or any social gathering (connect with the people in your life face-to-face)
Drink lemon-water first thing in the morning (before meditation!)
Work on a creative project once a week (must be for FUN not work)

I’m going to blog my experiences everyday… so tomorrow will be Day 1 since it will reflect what I did today. What I ate, workouts, maybe some meditation inspiration, or a creative outlet.

Some sample eats:


Blueberry Avocado Smoothie
Guacamole Deviled Eggs
Poached Eggs with Yam Latkes
Chicken and Lemon-Walnut Pesto Pasta
Ham and Egg Cups


5 thoughts on “The Clean Plate’s Clean Slate

  1. I just stumbled upon your ham & egg cups and what perfect timing! I’m doing a Whole 30 and couldn’t find sugar-free bacon to line my egg cups this week. I don’t know why I didn’t think of ham, but I’m hopeful to be able to find some acceptable ham and try these next week! Thanks!

  2. […] person, so I enjoy the look back and the hopefulness of a Clean Slate! (not to be confused with The Clean Plate’s Clean Slate… though, you could do that […]

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