Raw Nutella Bars

The commercials for Ferrero Rocher have always made me laugh. First of all, you have NO IDEA what the commercials are about in the beginning… Is it a car commercial? Alcohol? Perfume?! Nope. It’s a chocolate ball. Secondly, the actors talk about this ball of chocolate like it’s the crowning achievement of civilized humanity. Descriptors like “luxurious” and “elegant”. And finally, they insist that your holiday is incomplete without them. Serious question; When in your life have you ever associated chocolate and hazelnuts with the holidays? Am I wrong here? It makes no sense! Is it just because you can stack the balls into the shape of a tree? Cause once a few people help themselves, it no longer looks like a tree. Ferrero Rocher people… I don’t understand you.

photo 1

Raw Nutella Bars

1 c. hazelnuts
10 – 12 dates
1/2 c. Valhrona cocoa powder ( any cocoa will work)
2 pinches of sea salt

  1. Pulse all ingredients in food processor until sticky.
  2. Press into a square plastic box (any tupperware) and chill to firm.
  3. Once firm, bend the plastic to pop out the bar and cut into smaller (about 8-10) bars

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