Chocolate Cherry Protein Smoothie

I had the pleasure of sharing some Clean Plate treats with the masses during a private event in Orange County.

check out my cute little booth:

I made some Chocolate Minty Bites, Chocolate “PB” Bites, Apple Pie Bites, and some Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. It was so fun sharing my recipes with others 🙂 I love how a passion for health is contagious!

Here’s another great recipe I’d like to share…

It’s the perfect post-yoga/weightlifting/running smoothie; Ideal
for refueling after any of your healthy and active endeavors.

It is also ideal for satisfying that naughty sweet craving. I LOVE the combination of chocolate and cherries because it always tastes like a decadent dessert.

Are you looking for another reason this smoothie is awesome? Well here you go. When it comes to smoothie fruits, I actually prefer cherries over regular berries because I’m not a big fan of little seeds in my teeth. Which is what normally happens in a blackberry/raspberry/strawberry situation. In a way, this smoothie also saves you from public humiliation. Winner.


Chocolate Cherry Protein Smoothie

2 c. Power to the Greens lettuce mix (trader joes)
1 c. frozen cherries
2 c. unsweetened almond milk
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1-2 tbsp. high quality cocoa powder (raw cacao is great too!)
1 tsp. maca powder
Sea salt sprinkle

Optional: 1 tsp. glutamine for sugar craving control, gut healing, and muscle recovery.

1. Place all ingredients in your blender. I find that everything blends better when I put the greens in first and the liquid in last. Blend it up!


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  1. What protein powder you use? Do you look for one that is paleo friendly, or not so much?

    1. nikkiledford says:

      Egg white protein powder is the best I’ve found. You can also use hemp seed although it’s significantly lower in protein than an animal-based one. I’ve also just used pure egg whites before. Gives the smoothie a frothy taste. I’ve been able to find these powders with no other added ingredients (at mothers market in Orange County… Though I’m sure you can purchase them online)

      Always check the ingredients to make sure there isn’t a bunch of weird stuff (sucralose, dextrose, preservatives, etc…)

      1. Thanks! I’ll check out my local Whole Foods and see if I can get lucky!

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