What I Ate Wednesday

It’s exactly as it sounds. A day of my food. SUUUPER excting. I have a hard time believing that people want to know stuff like this, but when I see other bloggers with posts like this, I am strangely drawn to them. I like checking out what other people eat on any given day. It must be a crazy “foodie” thing.

My day started off with a very unsuccessful trip to San Onofre. The waves were crappy so Hubs and I headed back to the hacienda for some breakfast. I whipped up some eggs and avocado for him. I added some sautéed veggies to mine.

photo 1

Next up was hot yoga and then a trip to whole foods. I ended up chatting with a really rad woman who was setting up a sample table for some great, natural skincare products called Suki. After chatting for a half hour about food, skincare, yoga, nutrition, etc… she gave me a couple of samples. I’m usually not very interested in skincare “products” since I generally wash my face with coconut oil, but this stuff smelled amazing and it’s always nice to check out new stuff. By the time I went to go get my Yerba Mate latte, it was luke warm. We really talked for a while…

photo 2

After some quiet moments out on the patio I decided I wanted lunch. So I headed back in for some delicious smoked brisket and some macadamia nuts. Fancy, I know. The smoked brisket at the Laguna Niguel Whole Foods is UNREAL. They smoke them in-house and it has the PERFECT texture and taste. I’ve had other brisket at various Whole Foods locations, and it’s just not the same.

photo 3

After some errand running, during which I picked up an awesome milk frother, I came home and made an iced latte with some almond/coconut milk and decaf coffee (no caf for me!)

photo 4

After a little afternoon chill sesh, I headed over to the laundromat with my Sparkly Water, a Real Stick, and a little mix of olives and cherry tomatoes. Super clean and delicious paleo snack.

Because the morning surf check was a bust, we decided to try again at sunset… and it was a bigger bust. We ended up going for a nice walk down to the San Clemente Pier and then made some dinner. On the menu was a tasty homemade meat sauce with ground beef and veggies along with some zucchini noodles. Geoff was the sous chef, helping me make the noodles with my spiral slicer. All in all it was a fantastic, productive, and active day. My favorite kind.

photo 4


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  1. Merl Ledford says:

    What a great day!

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