Links I Love 2.0

Here I go again… with my internet discoveries and inspirations.

This time, I’m not only including some tasty links from my web wanderings but also a delicious quote for feeding the soul.

“It’s easy to get diverted by all the variables outside your control, to let them eat away at your vision and self-confidence. But detours will doom you. Lose faith in yourself and you’ll fulfill your worst prophecy.”

– Bill Parcells

Sarah Jenks – Live More, Weigh Less.

One of my favorite women on Earth right now… Sarah Jenks. This chick is awesome and she has created a really unique approach to helping women take their live’s focus off hating their bodies and trying their hardest to change every little perceived flaw into perfection. NEWS FLASH!!! It’s not going to happen ladies. That’s where the brilliance of Sarah comes into play. She recently launched a Live More Challenge. In this challenge, she encourages participants to do ONE THING each day that leads to a more full, self-loving, light-shining life. Examples are:

buy yourself flowers
– wear red lipstick
– watch the sunset
– tell your body you love her
– make a green smoothie

Pretty great, right?! Go check out her website for the deets, but I promise… any woman could benefit from these little tasks. Too often, even if we are not fixated on our bodily imperfection, we let the worries and concerns about other parts of our life steal our joy. Voices in our minds that say, “As soon as I make this much money, then I’ll  be happy.” Maybe to you it sounds like, “As soon as I have children, then my life will start and I will feel fulfilled.” Or how about, “As soon as I find a boyfriend, everything will be great.” Women are notorious for having an attitude of “Not Enough“. Try Living More with Sarah… I bet it’ll put some pep in your step today.

The Chalkboard Magazine

I LOVE The Chalkboard Magazine. I first stumbled upon it because my girl Gabby Reece and her husband, Laird Hamiliton were the “guest editors” for a week. Check out their little exploration of the reasons why aspartame is a terrible thing to put in your body… I’m especially talking to all the gum-chewers and diet-soda-drinkers out there. 

Mark’s Daily Apple – My first exposure to the paleo diet and lifestyle and was really the catalyst that led me from seeking healing for my body to having a holistic focus for all areas of my life. Here’s a great article about the gluten-free movement.

Is Gluten-Free a “Fad”?
“going gluten-free doesn’t remove a vital, essential nutrient or food. In fact, it can even increase your intake of nutrients, assuming you replace the gluten-containing foods with naturally gluten-free meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and nuts rather than gluten-free junk food”

Podcast: Latest in Paleo

The Yoga of Eating: Charles Eisenstein
This was a GREAT podcast… and I listen to A LOT of podcasts. Check out this really unique way of approaching health and living in joy and abundance.

“Life is not supposed to be a war against ourselves”

Dawnsense – An adorable website with some encouraging words.

I especially liked this post about the dangers of comparison and the power of owning your unique experience and joining with others in their experiences. The goal is to mature and produce a great life and not get stuck in discouragement.

Why Competition is an Old Model of Living

“We should all feel encouraged and free to put our own unique spin on similar ideas and offer them to the world. There is plenty of space for all of us to do so!  Instead of concerning yourself with what others are doing and how you compare, focus on what you love and what lights you up.”


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