Paleo Acai Bowl

I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet.

Fact: Acai Bowls are delicious.

Problem: They are never paleo-friendly. (think agave, soy milk, granola…)

This is what led me to create my very own homemade Acai Bowl. I’m all for a smoothie now and again but the velvety smooth texture of the acai bowl with decadent toppings is rather exciting. Especially for those who don’t frequent the local froyo shop. In addition to being fun and decadent, I think these bowls (and smoothies) are a refreshing detour from heavier meals during hot summer days. They also make a great post- or pre-yoga meal because your body isn’t trying to digest a bunch of meat while in downward dog or after a heated, sweaty session.

Another Fact: eating right before exercise or right after is never recommended. Your body uses a lot of resources to deal with digesting things properly, it also uses a lot of resources to deal with the stress of a workout and/or recovering from a workout. Therefore, it is not advised to try to make your body to both at the same time. Your workouts won’t be as successful and your digestion will be compromised. That’s what we call a LOSE-LOSE situation.


Paleo Acai Bowl

2 handfuls of greens
1/2 frozen banana or 1 small banana
1 frozen packet of unsweetened pure Acai puree
1/2 c. frozen blueberries
1 scoop egg white protein or hemp protein powder
1 c. or more unsweetened almond milk


unsweetened coconut flakes
crushed pecans, walnuts, almonds
sliced banana
fresh berries or figs

  1. In a high-powered blender or food processor, combine all acai ingredients. If using food pro, add the milk slowly so it doesn’t spray everywhere. ALSO: If you use a regular blender, you will have to add a lot more liquid to get it to blend well… and by then your acai mix will be more like a smoothie than a soft serve.
  2. Serve in a bowl and top with your favorites!

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  1. Merl Ledford says:

    Any recommendations for acai puree? (We’re miles from a TJ!)

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