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Hey ya’ll. I’ve been a mad woman on the internet lately. Scouring deliciously deep (and not so deep) articles, listening to enlightening and encouraging podcasts, and basically doing anything other than posting on my blog.

Well, tonight that ends.

I want to drop a bit of information on you. To be precise, I will be the agent of information sharing. The knowledge/wisdom bombs will be coming from the minds and hearts of others. I’m going through a sort of spiritual-emotional awakening and I figure that someone else might benefit from my experience.

The PRESENT Principle– A practical way to promote some good vibes for your day.

Katy Says – This is a HILARIOUS article with a great argument centered around the difference between “health” and “fitness”

Quotes to Remember:

“exercise — no matter the type — does not replace movement and result in health. Which isn’t to say that you won’t look hot with your organs sitting a centimeter or two lower than they should be, but that your exercise program isn’t making you healthier, only more fit.”


“A double decker jump rope sundae with kettleballs on top will create an even greater load and even more pee. But the loads aren’t really to blame and the pee isn’t the problem.”

Dawn Dalili, asks the question… Would your body be your friend based on how you treat/talk to it? Or would it get up and walk away?

Wellness Mama explores the possibility that skin care starts with what you put in your body and not “on” it. Sunburns beware!

“In the quest for an easy (and profitable) solution to skin cancer, mainstream medicine and media have recommended sunscreen and limiting sun exposure while greatly ignoring any potential role diet can play in skin cancer formation or prevention.”, a social media site that asks, “What are your intentions – your deepest desires for personal, social & spiritual wellbeing?”

How Yoga Makes you Pretty

Quote to Remember:

“The prizes “pretty” entices us with can’t be enjoyed without a deeper connection, a feeling of wellness, wholeness and/or self-love. Pretty hasn’t delivered and what has been defined as pretty isn’t real or sustainable.”

Hope you enjoyed the jaunt through internet-land.

Tomorrow I will be sharing a Clean Plate recipe for homemade Acai bowls!

Here’s a teaser!


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