Time for Juice

After a lovely morning of yoga at the park and smoothies with new friends, I think I’ve decided to get back on the juicing wagon. Well, I never really fell off. I feel like sometimes you just go through seasons. Food seasons. I remember my ‘lemon’ season and my ‘coconut’ season… The great annual ‘fig’ season. Sometimes foods just sound good and they fit into your routine. Right now feels like a good time for a ‘juice’ season. I’m not really
drinking much coffee or kombucha these days. Just tea, Yerba mate, and now JUICE!

This is inspired by a new “clean” season that I am entering as well as the inspiration of a friend who is much more disciplined in her juicing efforts than I seem to be. God bless the friends in our lives who inspire health and healing.

This is a mostly veggie juice. Feel free to play with amounts:

Beet greens



2 Comments Add yours

  1. nikkiledford says:

    Unfortunately this won’t work as a smoothie. Only in a juicer.

  2. Airi says:

    Looks yummy. thanks for posting

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