Grilled Sweet Potato BLAT Sliders


This deliciousness was most definitely not MY IDEA. It is from the brilliant mind of Brittany Angell over at Real Sustenance.

I receive her blog updates through email and as soon as she posted this recipe, I set to work. Unsurprisingly, I had all the necessary ingredients on hand. I usually bake my bacon but, as I mentioned previously, I have no oven. I really don’t like making bacon on the stove top because of the mess so I decided to grill it! I’d never grilled bacon before but it turn out, fire is fire. Whether it’s on a burner, in an oven, or on a grill… heat will cook things. Needless to say, I succeeded in my bacon grilling adventure. I also grilled the sweet potatoes and added avocado to the production.

The hubs and I really enjoyed this meal and I think you will too. Head over to Brittany’s blog for the specifics.



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  1. Merl Ledford says:

    That looks wonderful. I’ll try it out Saturday. Grilling outside during the summer keeps the house cool. As long as it comes off the grill my life-companion doesn’t feel like I’m intruding in her kitchen. Plus the food tastes great! . . . even if it is “guy cooking.” : ),

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