Sauteed Greens with Bacon

This dish is as simple as it gets (within reason). Let me introduce you to my Thanksgiving table contribution this year.

I know, I know. It’s nowhere near as impressive as the vegetable gratin of Thanksgiving’s past, but in light of the Clean Plate product venture of this past week and a half, I haven’t had much time to get fancy in the kitchen. However, no one says that simple can’t be delicious… So bacon and greens it is!

If you’ve had too much traditional Thanksgiving fare or are just burned out on elaborate American cooking rituals, try this recipe out. It won’t disappoint and it will help you maintain your thankfulness through the weekend.

Sauteed Greens with Bacon

3 bunches of dino kale
1 1/2 onions, sliced thin
1 lb. bag organic spinach
1 pkg. bacon ends and pieces (trader joes!)
sea salt, pepper, and garlic pow pow to taste

  1. Preheat oven to 375. (or you could cook the bacon in the skillet. Just more splattering…)
  2. On a rimmed baking sheet, cook bacon in oven until crispy.
  3. Pour bacon fat into a large skillet.
  4. Over medium-high heat, add onions and stir.
  5. Add kale and keep adding more as it begins to wilt.
  6. Add bacon and spinach until all greens are wilted. Season to taste
  7. Serve warm.

forgive the terrible pics… I’m working on getting a pro 🙂


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