Blueberry Coconut Pancakes

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2012/06/04 by nikkiledford

Summertime is upon us. Well, technically it’s not. Los Angeles doesn’t really know the difference between late spring, summer, and early fall. Sometimes there are even sunny days in January. I’ve had many a Christmas at 75 degrees.

This is all totally fine with me, by the way. I crave sun. More than I crave coffee, or chocolate, or coconut (I know, that’s saying A LOT). The only time I ever really relax (and by relax I mean, sit or lay down and do nothing) is when the sun is out. I love laying in the sun. It could be a grassy knoll, my brick patio, the pool deck, or even sitting in my car with the sun roof open. I LOVE IT.

So, since “summer” is here. I have begun to relax. It’s very nice. See :

My lawn. Perfect.

On my lawn.

On a log.

By the pool.


So, in the spirit of relaxing, here’s a little breakfast item that is perfect for a lazy morning. I’ve been a bit stringent on my diet lately. First there was the liver detox… then the candida cleanse. And then the wager that I couldn’t give up nut  for 2 weeks. Most of my meals have been meat and veggies, maybe with some avocado, coconut, etc. I’ve had some plantains a couple of times. ANYWHO… it’s been a little bit limiting. So I relaxed with the food thing this weekend and made some blueberry pancakes!

This recipe is based on the Civilized Caveman’s pancake recipe. My version has no sweetener. Just blueberries and some cinnamon. I ate mine with an over-easy egg on top (LOVE THE GOOEY YOLK!) and some bacon. The bacon was a great pairing because of its sweetness. Side note: you know you are paleo when meat is the sweetest part of your meal.

Check um out!

A weekend treat!

Blueberry Coconut Pancakes

4 Tbsp. coconut flour
3 eggs
3 Tbsp. coconut milk
1/2 c. frozen blueberries
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp. cinnamon
pinch salt
coconut oil for the pan

  1. In a bowl, whisk together all ingredients except for blueberries. Mix until there are no lumps.
  2. Fold in frozen blueberries.
  3. Heat a skillet with coconut oil until fairly hot, but not smoking.
  4. Use a 1/4 c. of batter in the skillet for each pancake. (makes about 6 pancakes)
  5. Wait until the batter starts to bubble and then flip!
  6. Once cooked through, remove from the pan.
  7. Eat with eggs or bacon. If you don’t mind the sugar, you could use  the Superfruit Spread from trader joes, maple syrup, honey, or nut butter for a topping.

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Stopped by @lazyacresmarket_encinitas and grabbed this tonic to keep my immune system solid while my little guy fights a cold. I'm not gonna lie, it doesn't taste that good, but has some crazy good ingredients and so far I'm keeping all the germs from taking me down 👊🏻 Not upset about my breakfast situation.
GF sourdough open faced breakfast sandwich and bone broth with all the immune boosting goodies. #goodonya #northcountysd #needonedowntown PREPARATION// One thing I never regret;
Taking time to meal prep for myself. It's so much easier to make healthy food choices and lose the stress over time spent in the kitchen when you're prepared! #mealpreppin #gingerorangepork #slowcookerftw If you didn't catch my live video yesterday about my grocery shopping (riveting... I know.), I gave the low down on why and how I make my own nut butter.
1. It's generally cheaper.
2. It tastes way better.
3. Easy to do in a vitamix or food processor. Just have patience because you're not making a smoothie, you're grinding nuts until they release their oils and smooth out.
Need another reason to make your own? 
4. Customization
This batch had a touch of vanilla and cinnamon and I can easily control the amount of saltiness.
You guyyyyysssss. It's so good and easy. Be like Nike and #justdoit

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