Almond Butter

Yet another post about nuts. Geez. I’m obsessed. Yes, I’m obsessed with nuts. There I said it. I have a love-hate relationship with them. I love eating them, my body hates digesting them. I look at my tummy and I say, ” Why? Why are you behaving this way?” It doesn’t answer. Only bad things come from my obsession with our little nutty friends.

Fortunately I worked out a little incentive program for me to kick the habit. I’ve bet myself a pair of lululemon leggings to give up nuts for two weeks. Yep. That’s my solution. I get to buy myself expensive spandex as a reward for passing on the trail mix. It works out well actually. My butt will end up looking better in the spandex without the nuts taking up residence in my fat stores. That being said, I’ve made it 8 whole days! woohoo!

So why am I posting a nut related recipe? Well, as a Paleo Chef, I have to constantly prepare nut-based items for clients. They are great substitutes for cream sauces and baked goods. Also, it’s kind of like watching the Food Network while you’re fasting. I figure, at least someone in the world is getting to enjoy them, even if I can’t. Wierd? Maybe.

On to the recipe…

I think if everyone knew how easy it was to make nut butter, they’d stop paying so much for it at the store. There are so many possibilities! Just use your imagination! How about rosemary pecan butter? Or coconut macadamia butter?! Yes, I’ve made both. They are awesome. Just like chocolate pistachio butter.

This is just a basic one. An introductory nut butter course, if you will. Enjoy.

use this almond butter to make amazing things like paleo brownies or salad dressing

Give me a spoon!

Almond Butter

1 12 oz. package Organic Roasted Almonds (trader joes)
sea salt to taste

  1. Get out your food processor and fit it with the S blade.
  2. Pour in the almonds and salt. Turn it on.
  3. Leave the almonds processing for A LONG  TIME.
  4. If it sounds like the blade is just spinning and all the almonds are caked on the sides. Open it up and scrape down the bowl, then turn it on again.
  5. Over time, as the blade heats up, it will draw the oils out of the almonds and make it “buttery”.
  6. Be patient. It could take around 5 minutes, possibly more.

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