What I Ate Wednesday

This day was a bit easy since there were absolutely no demands on my time or food preparation obstacles, but it was also nice to get a break from the constant shuffle of life.

Here’s the daily breakdown:

8 am – woke up, had some green tea and prepared a raw chocolate tart crust for this weekend (Valentine’s dessert!). Did some dishes, folded some laundry.

10 am – sat on my porch and read in the sunlight ( getting my Vitamin D… very paleo). Chomped on some papaya covered in coconut flakes and remnants of some trail mix left in a jar that I needed to clean.

12 pm – CROSSFIT! Today’s torture/fun consisted of some hand stands and pullups. And the WOD was a 21-15-9 set of kettlebell swings, weighted sit ups, box jumps and a 400 M run. I was pretty tired afterwards but recovered quickly.

2 pm – Sat out on the porch (again) to eat my leftover Poisson Cru in lettuce wraps and some cabbage with some awesome Trader Joe’s salsa fresca (it’s delicious, go buy some).

3 pm – Walked about a mile down to Peet’s Coffee and chatted on the phone while basking in more sunshiney Vitamin D. At Peet’s I ordered a double Americano in a mug (saving the Earth, one to-go cup at a time) and poured in some of my coconut milk that I just happened to bring along.  Sat and read some more.

5 pm – Walked to the produce stand and picked up a bunch of large organic spinach, avocados, a lime, and some mushrooms.

6 pm – Made the filling for the chocolate tart (yum!) and I may or may not have had a few licks of the bowl. This, however, did not spoil my dinner because I went on to make a pile of food in my skillet. The pile consisted of sun-dried tomatoes, 1 shallot, a bunch of spinach, 3 mushrooms, and 3 scrambled eggs.

7:30 pm – Went downtown for a night of browsing the shops… ended up getting a couple of things at Urban Outfitters (which has recently banned plastic and paper bags… kind of cool!) and a couple of cookbooks at Logos, the local used/discount bookstore.

10 pm – a couple pinches of coconut flakes and a glass of Trader Joe’s Reserve Pinot Noir.

I’ll be heading to bed around 11:30 pm.

I need more days like these. Days with no obligations, just  preferences.


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