1. Paleo French Toast with Caramelized Bananas

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    2014/04/24 by nikkiledford

    banana bread

    Who doesn’t love french toast for breakfast? No one, that’s who. Cause french toast is delicious. Now, you can top …
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  2. Gut Repair Week 3

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    2014/04/23 by nikkiledford

    coconut selfie

    Week 3 is in full swing. It could be week 6 for all I know. I feel like I’ve been …
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  3. Raw Goji and Cacao Bars

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    2014/04/17 by nikkiledford

    Dressed up all pretty for sale!

    Almond pulp. If you make your own almond milk, you’ve undoubtedly had the dilemma of, “what do I do with …
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  4. Triple Chocolate Raspberry Torte

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    2014/04/16 by nikkiledford


    Today’s recipe is another edition of “Things I Make For My Dad”. Today is my Dad’s birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!) …
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  5. Gut Repair Week 2


    2014/04/15 by nikkiledford


    Hey Friends and Stumblers! I’ve embarked on the second week of my gut repair protocol. Feeling good for the most …
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  6. Vanilla Pudding Pie


    2014/04/09 by nikkiledford


    Okay you guys, this pudding is for reals. I found the recipe over at Gluten Free Empowerment. They used agave, …
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  7. Gut Repair Week 1

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    2014/04/08 by nikkiledford

    Fancy Repair Meal

    Week 1 of my Repair Protocol has commenced. I celebrated my last week of fun eats with things like fried …
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  8. Raw Cranberry Orange Bars

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    2014/04/02 by nikkiledford

    Cranberry Orange

    I know everyone LOVES larabars because they are so clean! While they are definitely a Clean Plate approved purchase, there’s …
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  9. Leaky Gut and ICV Repair


    2014/04/01 by nikkiledford


    I have explained some of my health story in the past. In sharing my story, I hope to help others …
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  10. Vegetable Pizza Gratin

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    2014/03/27 by nikkiledford


    This could also be called “An Ode to Nightshades” Nightshade Vegetable Family Potatoes Tomatoes Tomatillos Peppers (Hot and Sweet) Eggplant …
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