1. Tomato Herb Frittata

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    2014/10/30 by nikkiledford


    Here’s something I love: A reusable coffee holder! It’s like a cute little scarf for my cup. I try to …
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  2. Butternut Sage Frittata


    2014/10/24 by nikkiledford

    sage fritatta

    Yesterday’s workout was a KILLER. 4 min Rounds with 1 min rest in between rounds. Do all three rounds twice …
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  3. Asian Chop Salad

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    2014/10/22 by nikkiledford


    I really don’t like bulgarian split squats. Not to brag or anything… but I have some pretty impressive lower body …
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  4. Butternut Bison Chili

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    2014/10/14 by nikkiledford


    Here is an appropriate fall recipe. Good for those cool nights with the family or fantastic for leftover meals through …
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  5. Spinach Potato Curry

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    2014/10/09 by nikkiledford


    I’ve been super into potatoes lately. No, not SWEET potatoes. Just regular ol’ white potatoes. They are delicious and starchy …
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  6. Avocado Chicken Salad

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    2014/10/07 by nikkiledford

    chicken salad

    This salad is a great alternative for mayo-filled chicken salad dishes. Not everyone likes mayo (what?! It’s delicious!!! Especially if …
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  7. Ginger Butternut Squash Tart

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    2014/10/03 by nikkiledford


    If you are reading from a place that isn’t 99 degrees, then I suggest you make this dessert. For those …
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  8. 3 Little Pigs Paleo Sandwich

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    2014/10/01 by nikkiledford


    Sandwiches! I love them and I know you do too. This sandwich was the result of a miscommunication. I asked …
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  9. Golden Milk


    2014/09/24 by nikkiledford

    golden milk

    I’ve lived in Southern California for about 99% of my life and it still continues to intrigue and amaze┬áme. This …
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  10. Flourless Walnut Raisin Cookies


    2014/09/22 by nikkiledford

    cookie batter

    Attention! This is a world-class grain-free cookie. It’s chewy and moist with simple ingredients and NO refined sugars. You don’t …
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