1. Lemon Basil Old Fashioned

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    2014/12/13 by nikkiledford


    (Disclaimer: this was written by Nikki’s husband, Geoff. When she caters a party, she sometimes brings me to pour drinks. …
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  2. Nutty Herb Quinoa Salad

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    2014/12/12 by nikkiledford


    Today I’ve been deep in the land of DIY. It’s actually storming here in Dana Point, which means I stayed …
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  3. Coffee Fudge


    2014/12/11 by nikkiledford


    Lately I’ve been experimenting with my coffee “additions”. Unfortunately, I’ve grown a bit weary if my incredibly popular Coconut Coffee …
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  4. Seedy Kale Salad


    2014/11/25 by nikkiledford

    Seedy Kale

    There’s no denying it… even if you have the best intentions and the most paleo-perfect holiday menu, you will likely …
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  5. What’s in my Grocery Basket?

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    2014/11/21 by nikkiledford


    This week’s basket was a tiny one… I decided to change-up my routine so I perused around Mother’s Market, an Orange County …
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  6. Rosemary Sea Salt Burgers with Cranberry Sauce


    2014/11/20 by nikkiledford


      Oh, you know you’re going to have leftovers next week…   This was a very quick weeknight dinner that …
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  7. An Inside Look at The Clean Plate’s Seasonal Cooking Class plus a Recipe!

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    2014/11/16 by nikkiledford

    Book Club Fun!

    I had the pleasure of teaching a Paleo and Seasonal Cooking Class to a gorgeous group of women. We talked …
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  8. El Burro (the Mexican Mule)


    2014/11/14 by nikkiledford


    Disclaimer(s): This recipe is not for food. It’s for a delicious drink that features sugar and alcohol. So it’s not even …
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  9. What’s in my Grocery Basket?


    2014/11/12 by nikkiledford


    I went to four grocery stores today. FOUR. To be fair, for the past couple weeks, we’ve had a good …
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  10. Butternut Arugula Salad with Cranberry Dijon Dressing

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    2014/11/11 by nikkiledford


    I’ve been on a salad kick lately. If you have been part of the paleo movement for over a year …
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