1. Ginger Butternut Soup

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    2015/01/31 by nikkiledford


    Cue rant. My husband just had an outpatient surgery to repair his hip (quite a bit of wear and tear …
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  2. Honeycrisp Apple Tuna Salad

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    2015/01/28 by nikkiledford


    Here’s a simple and quick lunch for all you apple lovers. Cans of tuna are a great pantry staple for …
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  3. What’s in my Grocery Basket?

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    2015/01/20 by nikkiledford


    Here are my shopping adventures from the past week! I went a bunch of places as usual. Wholesome Choice (WC) …
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  4. The Paleo Chef’s Chocolate Chip Cookies


    2015/01/18 by nikkiledford


    While I am A paleo chef, I am not THE paleo chef. That domain name belongs to one, Mary Shenouda. …
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  5. Pizza Egg Cups

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    2015/01/15 by nikkiledford


    Egg Cups are the best. Very little time investment, maximum return. Kids love ‘em, busy professionals love ‘em, athletes love …
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  6. Crispy Sweet Potato Ribbons

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    2015/01/13 by nikkiledford


    I’m just gonna say it right off the bat… This is genius. From past posts, you could probably gather that …
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  7. The Weight Series – The Struggle

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    2015/01/12 by nikkiledford


    In my first post, I wanted to shed light on the unfortunate mindset that plagues so many of us, especially …
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  8. Bacon and Jalapeño Omlette

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    2015/01/11 by nikkiledford


    Other names suggested were: 1. The Jalap-acon Omlette 2. The Jalap-acon-tro Omlette They seemed a little too gimmicky for me, so …
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  9. What’s in My Grocery Basket?


    2015/01/08 by nikkiledford


    Hey friends! Did you read my Resolutions post? You should! It’s a bit long, but (hopefully) inspirational as you map …
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  10. The Weight Series – Resolutions


    2015/01/07 by nikkiledford


    The New Year means New Years Resolutions. Everyone’s chanting, “New Year, New You!” You’ve likely read posts online about making this …
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